Who is Tower of Power?

Tower of Power

Tower of Power is an American R&B and funk-based band and horn section, originating in Oakland, California, that has been performing since 1968.

With a history more than 50 years in the making, Tower of Power has been a funk institution, with Billboard Hot 100 hits like “What is Hip,” “So Very Hard to Go,” “This Time It’s Real” and “You’re Still A Young Man.”

Throughout the years, the brass-fueled group has seen 18 studio albums and more than five dozen members pass through its ranks.

Tower’s horn section appeared on a number of other artists’ recordings, including Huey Lewis & the News, Elton John, Aerosmith, Bonnie Raitt, Little Feat, Santana, Paula Adbul, Heart and many others.

Intrigued?  Tower of Power will be kicking off their 55th anniversary year with a concert at Silverton Casino.

“A lot of people refer to us as a musician’s band, and I’m very proud of that legacy,” said founder and saxophonist Emilio Castillo.

Who is Tower of Power?

Here’s a few YouTube clips of the group in action:

See Tower of Power in Las Vegas at Silverton Casino’s Veil Pavilion, January 28, 2023.

Tower of Power in Concert

Purchase tickets here.

What is Festivus, Anyway?

Happy Festivus

This holiday season, WuHu Noodle is featuring a Festivus Menu, from Dec 9 – 30, 2022.  This seasonal Asian menu features several choices, from Cornish Game Hen to Northeastern Chinese Lamb.

But what is Festivus?

If you have an aversion to tinsel and love “Seinfeld,” Festivus is the perfect holiday for you.

Popularized by the ’90s TV show, the anti-consumerism holiday is celebrated by “Seinfeld” fans every December 23.

In the season of multiple holidays, Festivus has become a quirky tradition for those who want to celebrate a holiday that everybody can participate in — or a holiday for the “restofus.”

According to Dictionary.com:

Festivus is characterized as being a holiday “for the rest of us,” and exists in contrast to the commercialism of Christmas. It consists of four major elements: the Festivus Pole, which is a simple aluminum pole with no adornments; the Airing of Grievances, which is when you tell gathered friends and family members how they have disappointed you since the last Festivus celebration; dinner (the famous Seinfeld episode shows the characters eating meatloaf on a bed of lettuce, mashed potatoes, and peas); and finally Feats of Strength, which is when participants wrestle the head of the household to the ground.

The holiday has been adopted beyond the Costanzas, and is now celebrated by a small but a global audience. There is a website detailing how to celebrate it, a book about the story behind it by the holiday’s creator, and social media pages for participants to share stories of their festivities. Festivus poles can also now be purchased specially for the occasion. However, Festivus traditionalists feel that a pole made for this purpose is against the anti-commercialist spirit of the holiday.

The Festivus Episode of Seinfeld

According to Wikipedia:

The Seinfeld episode that featured Festivus was titled “The Strike“, although O’Keefe notes that the writers later wished they had named it “The Festivus”. It was first broadcast on December 18, 1997. The plot revolves around Cosmo Kramer returning to work at his old job, H&H Bagels. While dining at Monk’s Restaurant, as George Costanza is opening his mail, he receives a card from his father saying, “Dear Son, Happy Festivus.” This leads to Jerry Seinfeld and Elaine Benes discussing George’s father’s creation of Festivus despite George not wanting it to be discussed.[3] Kramer then becomes interested in resurrecting the holiday when, at the bagel shop, Frank Costanza tells him how he created Festivus as an alternative holiday in response to the commercialization of Christmas.[3]

Meanwhile, George creates donation cards for a fake charity called The Human Fund (with the slogan “Money for People”) in lieu of having to give office Christmas presents. When his boss, Mr. Kruger, questions George about a $20,000 check he gave George to donate to the Human Fund as a corporate donation, George hastily concocts the excuse that he made up the Human Fund because he feared persecution for his beliefs, of celebrating Festivus instead of Christmas. Attempting to call his bluff, Kruger goes home with George to see Festivus in action.[3]

Kramer eventually goes back on strike from his bagel-vendor job when his manager tells him he cannot take December 23 off to celebrate his newfound holiday. Kramer is then seen on the sidewalk picketing H&H Bagels, carrying a sign reading “Festivus yes! Bagels no!” and chanting to anyone passing the store: “Hey! No bagel, no bagel, no bagel…”[3]

Finally, at Frank’s house in Queens, Jerry, Elaine, Kramer, and George gather to celebrate Festivus. George brings Kruger to prove to him that Festivus is “all too real”.[3]


*** Check out the Festivus Menu at WuHu Noodle, located inside Silverton Casino.

Las Vegas Rodeo Visitor
Wins $359k Jackpot

Las Vegas Rodeo Visitor Wins $359k Jackpot

Richard Holland, a Las Vegas rodeo visitor from Watsonville California, won big last night at Silverton Casino.   The Wheel of Fortune slot machine paid off a $359,209.92 jackpot to the player, who was betting on the quarter machine when it hit it big.


Las Vegas Slot Winner


Las Vegas Rodeo Visitor Wins $359k Jackpot!

Silverton Casino is a Las Vegas capital for casino jackpots and “progressive chasers,” awarding approximately half a billion dollars to winners since opening in 1997.  In addition, IGT Wheel of Fortune slots are among the most popular at casinos, awarding more than $3.4 billion in jackpots since their launch in 1996.

Dim Sum in Las Vegas

Chef Ray Kwong, the new Executive Chef at WuHu Noodle, is passionate about dim sum!

Las Vegas |Dim Sum

Beginning this week, a new “dim sum” section has been added to the Wu Hu menu, providing a new place for dim sum in Las Vegas.  The menu includes some of Chef’s favorites including the Chives Cake, the steamed Xiao Long Bao (Soup Dumplings), and a unique Turnip Cake, which reminds us of the best hash-brown patty you’ve ever had.

Las Vegas Dim Sum Menu

Chef Ray — who grew up in Hong Kong — has held various positions in Las Vegas, including Executive Chef at Wynn Resorts and Luxor,  Assistant Chef de Cuisine at Caesars Palace, and oversaw the culinary operations of three Asian restaurants at Palms: Tim Ho Wan, Fortune, and Little Buddha.

If you are also interested in trying some of Chef’s specialties, we also recommend the new “Chef’s Special Wok” section of the menu.  Here, you will find new entrées that everybody is raving about — including the Candied Walnut Shrimp and the Black Pepper Beef Ribeye.

Black Pepper Ribeye
Black Pepper Ribeye


What is Dim Sum?

Dim sum is a large range of small Chinese dishes that are traditionally enjoyed in restaurants for brunch. Most modern dim sum dishes are commonly associated with Cantonese cuisine, although dim sum dishes also exist in other Chinese cuisines. Similar to the way that the Spanish eat tapas, dim sum dishes are shared among family and friends.


WuHu Noodle at Silverton Casino brings you authentic Asian recipes and traditional favorites. Locals know that this is the place for noodles in Las Vegas.  It features authentic regional noodle dishes from all over Asia. WuHu has been called one of the best restaurants on Blue Diamond Road in Las Vegas.

Thank You Team Members

In honor of our 25th anniversary, we placed an ad in Sunday’s Las Vegas Review-Journal to thank our Team Members!

The prominent ad wrapped around the front section and included an entire full-page Thank You message featuring the names of each of our Team Members.

These Team Members are the secret to our success, and we are grateful to them every day for creating AMAZING experiences for our guests and for each other.

Thank you Team for being the very best in the business!  (See ad here: Las Vegas Team Members)

Silverton Las Vegas Team Members


Silverton Casino Hotel celebrates its Silver Anniversary in 2022, commemorating a quarter century in Las Vegas.  The local casino favorite offers 300 deluxe rooms and suites and world-class amenities all located within an upscale, contemporary luxury lodge-themed resort.  Silverton features 90,000 square feet of state-of-the-art gaming, including the most popular slot machines and table games.  An 117,000-gallon saltwater aquarium, home to thousands of sharks, stingrays and tropical fish, was voted “Best Attraction” in the Best of Las Vegas awards.

The resort is a culinary destination, featuring Mi Casa grill cantina, Su Casa sushi bar, Sundance Grill, WuHu Noodle, Shady Grove Lounge, Mermaid Restaurant & Lounge, Starbucks, and Johnny Rockets.  Twin Creeks is known as the premier Off-Strip steakhouse in Las Vegas.  The unique “Stakes are High” program at Twin Creeks Steakhouse gives diners a chance to roll dice to win a complimentary Creekstone Farms Tomahawk, the restaurant’s signature cut.

In addition to the adjacent 165,000-square-foot flagship Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World, the Silverton Village features a 150-room Hyatt Place hotel, the 18-story luxury high-rise The Berkley, and several restaurants, including Cracker Barrel Old Country Store.