Hot Plate Specials at Sundance Grill

What’s hot at Silverton? Check out the Hot Plate Specials, made from scratch every weekday at Sundance Grill.  The $13.99 special includes your choice of soup or salad and a mini ice cream sundae for dessert!

Sundance Hot Plate Specials


According to Executive Chef Ashley Archer, the Hot Plate Specials were chosen to supplement the Sundance menu with additional homestyle items.  “We set out to feature items that were traditionally part of family meals — like Spaghetti and Meatballs on Wednesday, or fish on Fridays.”

For a taste of home, check out these Sundance Hot Plate specials:



Meatloaf – served with buttermilk mashed potatoes, grilled corn on the cob, and rosemary gravy

Sundance Hot Plate Specials



Fried Chicken   – three pieces served with mac & cheese, stewed green beans

Sundance Hot Plate Specials



Spaghetti & Meatballs – served with garlic bread

Sundance Hot Plate Specials



Hamburger Steak  – served with onion-mushroom gravy, white rice, and collard greens

Sundance Hot Plate Specials



Blackened Tilapia – served with Cajun cream sauce, Cajun rice pilaf, and fried okra

Sundance Hot Plate Specials

Welcome Football Fans!

The 2022 NFL Draft kicks off today, drawing thousands of football fans into Las Vegas.  The city has promised a spectacle at a level never before seen for the annual event.

NFL Draft in Las Vegas


To welcome Draft fans to Las Vegas, the famed Silverton mermaids recently added a special sign to the Silverton Aquarium, which has been named the #1 free attraction in Las Vegas.

Tonight, the Silverton will host a special event in the Veil Pavilion, for Round One.

$83,000 Slot Winner!

Congratulations to Ann D., a Silverton Casino player who recently won the $82,919.05 Super Grand Chance Jackpot on a Dollar Storm machine.

Silverton Casino Winner

Dollar Storm machines bring diverse and exciting games in one bank. Players can battle with pirates, go to ancient Egypt and travel the Orient in these exciting Hold & Spin games. Prizes include Free Games, Retriggers and — as Ann found out — a chance at the Grand Jackpot.

Dollar Storm

At Silverton Casino, you’ll find more than 1,100 slot machines in all, including video poker and video keno, too.  For those chasing the biggest progressives, Silverton features the Lightning Link Lounge, with dozens of Lightning Link and Dragon Link slot machines all linked together for big jackpots.  Also, the Buffalo XING Lounge offers the ultimate gaming experience with all Buffalo-themed slot machines corralled in one room.

5 Million Las Vegas Weddings

Las Vegas is world-renowned for being one of the quickest and quirkiest places for couples to say “I do.”   In fact, so many couples have applied for wedding licenses that Clark County recently announced they have issued five million wedding licenses since the county was founded in 1909.

So many couples have tied the knot in Las Vegas, from celebrities to young couples in search of the perfect wedding venue. They’ve walked down the aisle in traditional gowns, vintage jackets, sleek satin dresses, and everything in between. For over half of a century, Las Vegas has been known as the Wedding Capital of the World.

If you’re looking for a unique wedding venue in Sin City, look no further than Silverton Casino.


Las Vegas Underwater Wedding
Silverton Aquarium Weddings can be wet or dry.


Sheila Kercher, executive director of marketing at Silverton Casino, recently shared her thoughts on why it’s one of the best wedding venues in the city.

While Las Vegas boasts venues to suit any couple, Silverton Casino offers a truly memorable experience.

“Where else can you say you got married while scuba diving in a giant aquarium in the middle of the desert? The answer is Silverton Casino!’’ said Kercher.

Silverton’s saltwater 117,000-gallon aquarium is one of the most breathtaking places to hold your ceremony, and it’s located only minutes away from the Las Vegas Strip.

Her tips for finding the perfect venue for your Las Vegas wedding include holding the ceremony outdoors and keeping the party going.

“The beautiful desert sky at sunset is absolutely stunning,” she said. “The best part is the party never has to end here. The city and its bars are open all night long!”

Veil Pavilion Wedding Las Vegas
Wedding at Silverton’s Veil Pavilion

Silverton Casino offers an array of dining experiences for your guests, including a steakhouse, sushi, or Mexican cantina. Veil Pavilion — named after a bride’s veil — offers plenty of opportunities for a  memorable wedding.

Learn more about Silverton Casino’s wedding options on our venue page.

Were you married in Las Vegas?

If you were married in Las Vegas, your story is a part of the city’s incredible history. Couples are encouraged to upload a picture and share their love story at or share through Instagram by posting their Las Vegas wedding photo along with their love story and include #5MLoveSweeps to enter. Profiles must be public to participate. One lucky couple each month will win a second honeymoon and vow renewal in Vegas.


Also in the blog:  Q&A for Planning a Las Vegas Wedding

Who is Kuh Ledesma?

Kuh Ledesma is sometimes called the “Beyonce of the Philippines.”  It’s no wonder — the Pop Diva has been performing for 35+ years, including some 1,000 international concerts, numerous awards and 20 albums in the Philippine recording industry.

She has triumphantly conquered recording, the concert stage, television, soap operas, advertising, and musical production, is a byword among the elite and the mass public alike, and with her customary brilliance and sophistication, sets styles in whatever area of entertainment she chooses.

Kuh is known for her lavish concept shows, putting up solo concerts in venues  in the ’80s during a time when singers shunned large venues because they were difficult to fill.  The rest is music history.

Want to hear more?  OPM icon Kuh Ledesma performs her signature hit, “I Think I’m In Love” live on morning radio.  The easy-listening tune — which beautifully captures the experience of falling in love — is lifted off her 1984 album of the same name.

Don’t miss your chance to see her at Veil Pavilion on Saturday, June 18.


Kuh will be joined on stage by renowned Filipino singer-songwriter Odette Quesada.  Want to hear more?  Here she is performing her OPM classic, “Friend of Mine” on a morning radio show.  This clip features  Odette’s distinctive singing style, and the track spins the story of people falling helplessly in love with their friends.

Don’t miss your chance to see her at Veil Pavilion on Saturday, June 18.


In addition, Filipino entertainer Fe de los Reyes adds a bit of humor to the show.  Here’s a sample:

Don’t miss your chance to see her at Veil Pavilion on Saturday, June 18.

“Under the Radar” at Twin Creeks Steakhouse

This is the fourth in a series of posts that feature “under the radar” menu items at Silverton’s Las Vegas restaurants.


Chef Jaimee Pepe has an entire menu of favorites at Twin Creeks, each with a unique story.  But one of the most spectacular is the Grilled Caesar Salad, which has been described as a “masterpiece of flavors.”

Grilled Caesars Salad at Twin Creeks Steakhouse

The salad starts with hand-selected stalks of fresh romaine lettuce, which are lightly charred on the grilled to add a bit of smoky flavor.  But that’s just the beginning.  Smoked Parmesan cheese, which Chef smokes in her kitchen, is grated into a white balsamic vinaigrette, creating a dressing of contrasting flavors.  The stalks are topped with charred avocado, white anchovies and a sweet-vinegary tomato tapenade.  Forget about croutons — this salad is artfully sprinkled with a dust made from a homemade brioche.

“There is a creamy richness to all of this, with contrasting textures that hit all of your senses,” she said.


What is a tapenade?

Tapenade is a name for a spread, condiment and culinary ingredient consisting of puréed or finely chopped olives, capers, and anchovies. Although the word ‘tapenade’ comes from the French Provençal word for capers (‘tapenos’), today’s tapenades are more closely identified by their incorporation of olives.  At Twin Creeks, the Grilled Caesars Salad includes a tomato tapenade, a sweet-vinegary addition to the salty and smoky notes of the salad.

This award-winning Las Vegas Steakhouse proudly serves 100% Certified Black Angus beef. The Prime-grade 16-ounce New York Strip is hand-cut in house and char-grilled on a Montague broiler, which Chef Jaimee Pepe calls the “Cadillac of the kitchen.” The beef can be finished with a choice of eight sauces and toppings, including a unique coffee crust, brandy peppercorn, or the classic French demi-glace. At 40 ounces, the colossal Creekstone Farms Tomahawk serves two, filling the table with lobster mashed potatoes, grilled asparagus, black-truffle butter, and two scratch-made sauces.

Who is Metalachi?

If you are a fan of America’s Got Talent, you might recognize Metalachi — the heavy metal Mariachi band act from Season 10.   Although they didn’t win that season, the group became a sensation after the show put Metalachi front and center, exposing them to new fans across the country.

This is not your ordinary cover band.  This group of classically trained Mariachi are perhaps the only in the world  to concentrate solely on…  heavy metal.

The newspaper Coachella Weekly said it best:

Metalachi infuses their stage shows with comedic skits and pageantry that pushes the level of pure entertainment to impressive heights so, considering the fact that we have the opportunity to rock out with them for the price of a ticket… I highly recommend to one and all that you show up [at their concert] because you will not be disappointed.

To see Metalachi in Las Vegas, the world’s first and only heavy metal mariachi band performs live at Veil Pavilion on Saturday, May 7, 2022. Get ready to rock out to their unique blended sound as they perform classic metal covers fused with classic mariachi.

Here’s one more taste of Metalachi:

Get your tickets today.


“Under the Radar” at Mi Casa

This is the fifth in a series of posts that feature “under the radar” menu items at Silverton’s Las Vegas restaurants.


Las Vegas Mexican Food Chef Antonio Martinez of Mi Casa is especially fond of the restaurant’s dessert menu, which offers several unexpected items that give a modern twist to traditional desserts.

The Churro Puffs are made from scratch and filled with banana and passion fruit cream. “This brings the perfect fusion of tropical fruit to the traditional sweetness of churro,” he said.  “It is also topped with fresh raspberries that have been filled with mango passion fruit jelly.”

Las Vegas Churro Puffs at Mi Casa
Churro Puffs

A second item — the Flotador de Helado —  is the chef’s take on an ice cream float,  infused with Mexican coffee, vanilla ice cream and topped with coffee granita-sweetened condensed milk.

Flotador de Helado with Mexican Coffee
Flotador de Helado

What is Mexican Coffee?

In Mexico, cinnamon and sugar are often incorporated right into the coffee brewing process, and not merely added to the drink after brewing. The result is a coffee drink that’s sweet, spicy, and decadent at the same time, giving you a one of a kind coffee experience in a single cup.  This Mexican coffee adds a welcome perk to the sweetness of the Flotador de Helado at Mi Casa.

Not only has Mi Casa been named the best Mexican restaurant in Las Vegas by readers of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, it also has gotten top honors for “The Best Taco in Las Vegas” and “The Best Margarita in Las Vegas.”  With desserts like these, too bad there isn’t a category for “Best Mexican Desserts in Las Vegas.”



“Under the Radar” at WuHu Noodle

This is the third in a series of posts that feature “under the radar” menu items at Silverton’s Las Vegas restaurants.


Chef Thierry Mai of WuHu Noodle serves an extensive menu from this modest  fast-casual dining room.  There is much to cheer about here, but one of the most “under the radar” items is the Roasted Duck. 

This signature item is marinated overnight in a secret house seasoning blend, and slow-roasted in a special oven.  The result is Peking perfection.


Las Vegas Peking Duck at WuHu Noodle


“For those who aren’t hungry enough to eat an entire duck, we offer the meat in several of our menu items,” said Chef Thierry.  “For instance, the Peking Duck Folded Buns.”  These popular starters combine roasted duck meat, microgreens, cucumbers and green onions in a freshly-steamed folded lotus bao bun.


What is Peking Duck?

Peking duck is one of the most celebrated dishes of Beijing or Mandarin Chinese cuisine that has been prepared since the Imperial era. It was once relegated to only emperors in the Forbidden City.  The meat is sweet and savory, characterized by its thin, crispy skin.  It is typically a delicacy dish or one used for celebrations.

WuHu Noodle brings you authentic Asian recipes and traditional favorites. Locals know that this is the place for noodles in Las Vegas, featuring authentic regional noodle dishes from all over Asia.  It’s called one of the best Asian restaurants on Blue Diamond Road in Las Vegas.

Who are Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers?

Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers have been releasing albums and touring across the US and UK for many years. Their fans call themselves Peacemakers and refer to the band as RCPM.

This is the group that put a Southwestern spin on alternative rock.   If you’ve ever watched the animated series “King of the Hill,” you know what we mean.  Fans of the show will recognize the work of Roger Clyne, who wrote (and performed) the show’s theme song.

Here’s a snippet:

RCPM will make a stop at Silverton Casino on April 23 for a concert in Veil Pavilion. The musical beacons of the southwest, fueled by witty and insightful lyrics, crunching guitar riffs, a dynamic rhythm section, and tequila, the group will perform on Saturday, April 23, at 8pm and will have fans singing along to RCPM favorites such as “California Breakdown,” “Lemons,” “Green and Dumb,” and many more.

Last year marked the 25th anniversary of Fizzy Fuzzy Big & Buzzy,” Roger Clyne’s major-label debut. The album yielded a national modern-rock radio hit in Banditos,a gritty, guitar-driven song about planning the ultimate bank heist that includes a singalong chorus of “Everybody knows that the world is full of stupid people.”

Known as one of Arizona’s most beloved hometown groups, Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers  were inducted into the Arizona Music & Entertainment Hall of Fame in 2019.  RCPM  even wrote and recorded the victory song for the MLB team the Arizona Diamondbacks.  Even with such success, they may be one of the best kept secrets of the southwest music scene.

The members share ownership of Canción Tequila, which is distilled from 100 percent blue agave.

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