Shady Grove Bar and Lounge

Shady Grove Lounge is your road trip to fun.

Kick back with some ice-cold brews, small plates of great food and game-time action on 12 screens, or try mini-bowling inside a 1950s Airstream trailer. You can even lounge under the canopy of an indoor North American Aspen tree. Here, your destination is always great times.

Grab a pint of Pacifico for only $2.50.  On our blog:  Here's six things to know about Pacifico.

Shady Grove Lounge


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Pass The Pigskin; Flare Bar; Mermaid Restaurant and Lounge; Shady Grove;

Vegas Christmas Bar

NOW OPEN through January 2, 2023

Shady Grove Lounge is once again decked out for the holidays as the BAD ELF pop-up bar  home to all rebels without a Claus!  LEARN MORE

NEW this year:  The BAD ELF Experience

Bad Elf Experience