Fun Local Engagement Photo Locations

It’s official; we’re swinging headfirst into wedding season. Be in the know for all your friends getting hitched, or for yourself and your special someone, with a few suggestions on where to snap some fun engagement photos to capture the personality of the couple complimented by the beauty of the locations in Southern Nevada.

Nelson Ghost Town
This small little town is not just a passerby, but a true destination. For those looking to embrace a rustic, country feel, look no further. With many distinctly different locations to choose from, you can capture a variety of looks and feels without ever leaving this hidden town.

The Aquarium at Silverton Casino
For couples that are nautical by nature, where better to capture your love story than alongside the mystic glow of a salt water aquarium as well as the beautiful creatures that call it home.  Definitely a uniquely breathtaking backdrop.

Symphony Park
For the couple that lives a colorful lifestyle, Symphony Park is for you! Tim Bavington’s Pipe Dream provides a lively background full of color and life sure to translate into photos that you will treasure forever.

Mount Charleston
Use Nevada’s natural beauty as the picture-perfect background up in Mount Charleston. Possibilities are endless with timeless pines, fields of colorful flowers, or even a bit of snow depending on the time of year.  A versatile location that can be used for whatever the couple desires.

Jean Dry Lake Bed
It’s so unfortunate for those who do not see beauty in the desert. Prove them wrong with a breathtaking shoot at the Jean’s Dry Lake Bed.  Lovebirds can capture their happiness along a vast skyline or incomparable desert sunset. The options are limitless.

While the saying may go “location, location, location” a wonderful photographer makes all the difference in capturing the special time in the couple’s life!

Pack for Las Vegas Like a Pro

While it can be exciting to jump on a plane and fly until you see the neon lights of Las Vegas, be sure you have some of these often overlooked, but very necessary items stowed away in your luggage.

Bring comfortable shoes to walk in. No matter where you go you’re going to be doing some amount of walking and no one wants to be uncomfortable and pack it in early, or be THAT girl t-rexing across the casino floor. Everyone should avoid cheap flip flops that will have your feet aching in no time. If you’re hitting the streets during the day time, be sure to wear something you can comfortably walk in. Hitting the town that night? Ladies, be sure to fit a small pair of flats in your purse if you’re taking on the town in heels. If you didn’t heed my warning, you can always grab a Lyft to your destination. Use code SILVERTON to have it ready to go, just in case.

No matter what your plans are during your stay, be sure that sunscreen is a part of your daytime ensemble.  It’s a desert out here, and that sun can be mighty unforgiving, even if you are hiding underneath a cabana. Plus, a sunburn goes with absolutely nothing that you have packed for taking on the neon lights that night, we can guarantee it. Do yourself a favor and grab some sunglasses too, optimal for the sunshine and hiding your gaze for all of the wonderful people watching you can only get in Sin City.

Bring a light jacket or cover up, yes even with 100 plus degree weather. While the days and possibly nights can be hot, the inside of properties and restaurants can be overly chilly to compensate. Nothing is more unfortunate that expediting a delectable meal on account of goose bumps. Bonus, who doesn’t need a jacket on the plane?

Speaking of the plane, while New York may hold the title as “the city that never sleeps”, Las Vegas is a vivacious runner up. Count on doing most of your sleeping on the plane to maximize your time in the town. Ear plugs and even an eye mask will prove necessary to recharge up in the sky since you won’t be doing too much when you’re hitting the town.

Cash is a must. While most of us are so used to only having plastic on us at all times, tipping is as habitual and expected as breathing in Las Vegas.  While how much and who you tip is as personal as religion and politics, having cash on hand no matter what you decide will prove to helpful when readily available. But be sure to grab you Benjamins before you head out, ATM fees increase drastically the closer you are to the Strip or Downtown.

While some of these items are no brainers, it’s often the obvious that goes overlooked and can make or break the experience you have during your stay in Las Vegas.

Behind the Scenes: Project Mermaids

Summer simply wouldn’t be the same without a road trip to the beach, to enjoy the sand, sun and the creatures that join you, real or mythical. Silverton Casino joins together with Project Mermaids to ensure that these experiences will be able to be shared with generations to come.

Project Mermaids was founded in 2012 with the goal to bring awareness of how truly precious the ocean and beaches are, and how important it is to keep that beautiful environment healthy and clean.  They do so by photographing participants and celebrities to gain awareness with a viral presence on social media and donating 50 percent of the proceeds to the Save Our Beach foundation. The models are transformed into mermaids, largely in part with the help of the extravagant tails made and donated by The Mertailor.

While the desert may seem like an unlikely stop along the journey to protect beaches, a good cause knows no limits and cannot be hindered by location.  Project Mermaids made a stop on its tour this April to shoot our beautiful Silverton Mermaids in action, and the results were as lovely as the cause behind it.

Please enjoy a behind the scenes peak of some of the fun, talent, and of course fins of Project Mermaids’ underwater shoot inside the 117,000 gallon tank that numerous sharks, fish and stingrays call home at Silverton Casino.

Come see the mermaids in action Thursday through Sunday, head here for swim times.

Cinco De Mayo in Las Vegas

If we’re honest, Cinco De Mayo has truly turned into a fiesta for your taste buds, instead of celebrating the victory of the Mexican Troops during the Battle of Puebla over the French. No, it is not Mexican Independence Day; you’ll have to wait until September for that. But until then, go loco this Cinco De Mayo with some fun and fabulous food, festivities, and felicidad that only Las Vegas could provide.

On Thursday, swing by Mi Casa Cantina Grill located within Silverton Casino for their Cinco De Mayo dining specials including tostaditas ceviche, taquitos, sopes, and much more! It wouldn’t be a celebration without buy one get one free Mi Casa Margaritas and draft beers! With over 60 tequilas at your beck and call, there’s honestly no wrong choice, or limit on delicious options. Psst, insider tip! Try the Paloma South, it’s the Desert Companion’s ‘Rita Las Vegas winner!

Bring your celebration all the way into the weekend, and head to the Cinco De May Festival on Saturday May 7th. Enjoy mariachis, traditional dances, a craft and art expo, authentic dishes, games and much more! Bring the niños along for maximum fun!

A giant piñata is the party mascot from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. at Downtown Container Park. If the piñata isn’t spirited enough for you, Las Vegas Academy’s Mariachi Band is sure to have you on your feet dancing in no time. Also, you can’t miss the Police vs. Firemen taco eating contest! Fresh tacos will on sale in case it inspires you to inhale a few yourself.

Not into livin’ la vida loca? There’s no shame in busting open a piñata in the comfort of your own home. But do you really want to miss out on such mouthwatering options in the name of a delicious victory? We didn’t think so!