Silverton In the News: Shelf Elf Retirements

Christmas is Coming!

Elf on a ShelfAt Silverton HQ, we’re putting the finishing touches on our holiday plans.  Topping the list is the return of BAD ELF, our pop-up bar at Shady Grove.  This over-the-top Christmas spectacle now has a new tagline “For Rebels without a Claus.”  Why not?  This year, the bar will also be home to several retired shelf elves.

As this recent Las Vegas Review-Journal article  shares, we’ve put out a call to parents who are weary of another year of nightly Elf on a Shelf duties — moving the pixie into increasingly creative spots every night.  If you think it’s time for your elf to retire to Las Vegas… we have a spot for him or her.

For more details on Elf Retirements, see our blog post.

For more details on how to reserve BAD ELF for your Las Vegas holiday party, Christmas lunch, or after-work happy hour, please email or call 702.263.7777.



Last Weekend for Bottomless Drinks

Bottomless happy hour

“Bottomless Drinks”
Silver Anniversary Happy Hours
July 1-31, 2022


Silverton 25th anniversary logoThroughout the month of July, a daily “Bottomless Drinks” Anniversary Happy Hour is available for $25 per person.  To celebrate, guests can enjoy all of the well drinks, draft beer and house wine they would like between the hours of 4-7pm at all casino bars.

To get you primed, here is a list of the top 5 well cocktails, from the website binwise:

Top 5 Well Cocktails

  1. Rum and Coke. This highball cocktail, also known as a Cuba Libre, is one of the easiest cocktails to make. Using just rum, Coca-Cola, and lime juice, it’s hard to go wrong with this classic.
  1. Gin and Tonic. What’s easier than three ingredients? Two ingredients. Just one part gin to three parts tonic water, this fits right in with the best summer cocktails.
  1. Screwdriver. A tasty vodka treat, the screwdriver is another simple highball cocktail. Just add one part vodka to two parts orange juice and you’re all set.
  1. Tequila Sunrise. Named for its beautiful gradient, the Tequila Sunrise is a great summer cocktail. All you need is tequila, grenadine, and orange juice.
  1. Tom Collins. This classic cocktail that utilizes gin, lemon juice, syrup, and carbonated water. It’s light, refreshing and one of the most common drink orders in the world.


Looking for more options? 

We got you.  Here’s a list of popular well drinks from the website upserve:

Our Favorite Vodka Well Drinks

  • Vodka Soda: Served with a lime wedge.
  • Vodka Cranberry: Served with a lime wedge and also known as a “Cape Codder” in the Northeast.
  • Screwdriver: Vodka and orange juice.
  • Black Russian: Vodka and Kaluha.
  • Bay Breeze: Vodka, orange juice, and pineapple juice.

Our Favorite Gin Well Drinks

  • Gin and Tonic: Served with a lime wedge.
  • Gimlet: Gin, lime juice, and simple syrup.
  • Tom Collins: Gin, lemon juice, simple syrup, and soda water. Can also be made with vodka on request, called a “Vodka Collins.”

Our Favorite Rum Well Drinks

  • Cuba Libre: Cola, rum, and a lime wedge. Often ordered as a “rum and Coke.”
  • Mojito: Mint muddled in sugar, topped off with rum and soda water.
  • Daiquiri: Rum, lime juice, and simple syrup.

Our Favorite Whiskey Well Drinks

  • Whiskey Sour: Whiskey with sour mix or (less commonly) lemonade.
  • Whiskey and Coke: This is the well version of a “Jack and Coke.”
  • Whiskey Highball: Whiskey with ginger ale or soda water, garnished with a lemon twist.

Our Favorite Tequila Well Drinks

  • Tequila Sunrise: Tequila, grenadine, and orange juice.
  • Mexican Bay Breeze: A Bay Breeze with tequila instead of vodka.

See our other 25th anniversary promotions here.

Who is Billy Ocean?

Billy Ocean

Billy Ocean — performing live in Las Vegas on October 29 at Silverton Casino — is an award-winning recording artist best known for a string of pop and soul anthems in the ’70s and ’80s, including the Grammy Award-winning “Caribbean Queen (No More Love On The Run),” “When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going.” Billy Ocean is Britain’s most commercially successful Black artist, having sold more than 30 million records worldwide.

“When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going”

He has collected a pile of Gold and Platinum records across the world and hit the number one spot worldwide in the pop charts including the USA, Australia, Germany, Holland, and the UK. Billy has achieved extraordinary success as both an artist and a songwriter.

Born in Trinidad, Billy settled in London’s East End when just seven years old. The calypso crazy kid soon got turned on to soul singers like Otis Redding and Sam Cooke, as well as pop groups like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, leading him to spend much of his study time in the music room.

Billy got his first break when he signed to GTO records, for whom his second single was the Motown-ish “Love Really Hurts Without You,” which reached No. 2 in the UK charts and No. 12 in the US.

“Caribbean Queen (No More Love On The Run)”

Two top twenty singles followed; “Love on Delivery” and “Stop Me,” then “Red Light Spells Danger” became a smash in  both the UK and the US. Billy changed record labels and his move to Jive Records provided instant success, with the million selling American number one single “Caribbean Queen” (for which Billy won a Grammy for best R&B Vocal), followed by “Loverboy,” and “Suddenly,” which became the first of Billy’s killer ballads. The Album from which these singles came from spent a year in the US Charts selling double platinum (triple in Canada). Billy also performed on the American half of Live Aid, making 1985 a truly incredible year for him.

“There’ll be Sad Songs (To Make You Cry)”

1986 wasn’t bad either, opening with “When the Going gets Tough (the tough gets going),” the theme song to the Michael Douglas/Kathleen Turner/Danny Devito movie “Jewel of the Nile.” Billy then launched the Love Zone album, which went straight to No. 2 in the UK charts, staying in the top 40 for six months. In the US, there was a No. 1 single with “There’ll be Sad Songs (To Make You Cry).” More Hits were to follow with the now classic “Get Outta My Dreams; Get Into My Car,” giving Billy yet another US No. 1 hit.

Billy proved himself to be one of the most hardworking artists on the live stage, touring the world to ever-growing enthusiastic audiences. After huge worldwide successes and years of touring, Billy decided to take a break to spend some well- earned time at home with his family.

Don’t miss your chance to see Billy Ocean live at Veil Pavilion, Oct. 29, 2022

Live in Las Vegas This Weekend:
Kaipo Kapua

Performing Live in Las Vegas This Weekend

Kaipo Kapua is one of the most versatile artists in the islands performing, writing, recording and producing Island Reggae, Traditional Hawaiian, R&B and Hip-Hop music. With rhythmic lyrics and unmatched hooks, Kaipo has also become one of the most sought after lyricists and composers in Hawaii and beyond writing for artists like Kimie, Kapena and more.

Kaipo Kapua was born in Waianae Valley and raised in Salt Lake, Hawaii. He grew up in a musical family and was inspired by his family and older brothers to pursue music. In his senior year of high school, Kaipo signed with GO Aloha Entertainment and began working on his first album as a solo artist.


Live This Weekend at Silverton

Performing Live at Sway Pool

Michael Braum
Friday, July 22, 2022
5PM – 8PM

Saturday, July 23, 2022
5PM – 8PM

Enjoy free live music in an outdoor setting at Sway Pool. Groove to live artists in an intimate atmosphere at Silverton Casino’s pool.
Open to the public, no admission charge.


Performing Live at Mermaid Lounge

Kaipo Kapua
Friday, July 22, 2022
8PM – 11PM

Daniel Echo
Saturday, July 23, 2022
8PM – 11PM

Mermaid Lounge Live brings music lovers a one-of-a-kind night out Fridays and Saturdays adjacent to Las Vegas’ famed aquarium attraction! Enjoy an eclectic mix of musical genres from an array of established artists.  Open to the public, no admission charge.  Must be 21+


Holiday Parties in Las Vegas

NEW! Reserve BAD ELF bar for your holiday party, lunch or brunch

Bad Elf Las VegasAre you looking for the ultimate quirky spot for a holiday party or happy hour?

Shady Grove Lounge will once again be decked out for the holidays and renamed BAD ELF pop-up bar  home to all rebels without a Claus! 

The elves will once again put their holiday flair on the Shady Grove Lounge to make it look a bit more like their home, the North Pole. The iconic Airstream will be decked out in festive red and green garland, complete with snow-covered Christmas trees, elves, presents, and Santa and his reindeer on the roof.

Throughout the rest of the bar, guests will get into the holiday spirit with string lights, wrapped presents, oversized ornaments, and dozens of elves suspended from the ceiling. A cozy fireplace with a Christmas tree nestled in the corner will create the perfect photo backdrop.

The bar was inspired by that favorite holiday menace  Elf on the Shelf  so be sure to keep an eye out for a few of the retired pixies throughout the space.

Whether you’re naughty or nice, get ready for an elfin good time!

For more details on how to reserve BAD ELF for your Las Vegas holiday party, Christmas lunch, or after-work happy hour, please email or call 702.263.7777.



Best in Texas – Hotel Drover

Hotel DroverGreat news from our sister property in the historic Fort Worth Stockyards.  Hotel Drover, a Marriott Autograph Collection Hotel, was named the best hotel in Texas by readers of Travel+Leisure magazine.

Said the publication:

Located at the southern edge of the Fort Worth Stockyards, this 200-room property opened last March, with one reader calling it a “much-needed addition to such a cool city.” The design channels a polished rusticity through touches like exposed-wood beams in the ceiling and antiques like chairs and backboards throughout the rooms. The Veranda Bar in the lush backyard is a small oasis where you can enjoy a cocktail in the warm Texan air. Readers were big fans of the property’s location. “Close to everything!” attested one.

Score: 94.10


Since opening in 2021, the Drover has been recognized by USA Today, Condé Nast, Forbes, and Travel + Leisure for its unique and elegant western glam design, its curated art, crafted fixtures, and custom furnishings.

Shelf Elf Retirements

Elf  Retirements

As a special service to parents who have grown weary of their family’s Christmas “Shelf Elves,” Silverton Casino in Las Vegas is offering Elf Retirements, giving a new home to the retiring pixies.  The casino is offering to help parents looking to “officially” retire their elves, allowing them to take a spot at the BAD ELF pop-up holiday bar – the home to all rebels without a Claus.

Bad Elf Pop-Up BarThe bar, which is open seasonally in November and December, is an over-the-top holiday spectacle. Throughout the bar, holiday visitors are mesmerized by thousands of string lights, oversized ornaments, and dozens of “retired” elves watching from the ceiling above.  As a finishing touch, a full-sized Airstream trailer is decked out in festive red and green garland, complete with plastic reindeer on the roof.

Those who wish to retire their elves and  mail them to the casino will receive in return:

  • An “official” retirement certificate
  • A voucher good for a complimentary cocktail during their next visit to Las Vegas
  • Silverton Casino will donate an item to a Las Vegas charity gift drive on their behalf.

To help justify the absence of their “Shelf Elf” at home this holiday season, Silverton will provide additional “tongue-in-cheek” letters that can be  shared with family members – including notes from the elf raving about retirement, and even photos of the elf’s new Las Vegas friends.

Bad Elf Las Vegas

The Shelf Elf Phenomenon

Elf on a ShelfThe Shelf Elves are part of an interactive “hide ‘n seek” game that has grown into a holiday tradition among families with young children.  Most elves are acquired as part of an “Elf on a Shelf” boxed set, which has sold more than 13 million copies since it was first published in 2005.  As part of the tradition, the little sprite shows up in creative spots each morning and serves as Santa’s “eyes and ears” throughout the holiday season.

After more than a decade of popularity, many parents have become exhausted at maintaining their elf’s nightly movements throughout the season, leaving them looking for a graceful way to end the holiday tradition – a convenient way to retire the little elf.

Making Arrangements for Shelf Elf Retirement

Those wishing to send their Shelf Elf to Las Vegas should include a note that contains the elf’s name, hometown, and a physical address to send the certificate and drink voucher.

The address is:

Shelf Elf Retirement HQ
Silverton Casino
3333 Blue Diamond Rd.
Las Vegas, NV  89139

Questions can be directed to

Special Events

For more details on how to reserve BAD ELF for your Las Vegas holiday party, Christmas lunch, or after-work happy hour, please email or call 702.263.7777.



BAD ELF Pop-Up Bar is not sponsored, endorsed, or affiliated with CCA and B, LLC d/b/a The Lumistella Company or The Elf on the Shelf brand.

Hot News: Silverton Casino to Reimagine its 300 Room Hotel

Silverton Update

LAS VEGAS — In celebration of its 25th anniversary, Silverton Casino Hotel has announced we are undergoing a complete reimagining of its hotel offering, creating a new boutique hotel experience to anchor the resort.

Silverton 25th anniversary logoThe remodeled hotel will feature 300 “rustic-luxe” guest rooms and suites including 3 distinct “design stories,” each with its own curated style, decor and spirit that will transport guests into a unique experience during every visit:

  • Cowboy Kitsch Collection – rooms featuring a quirky blend of rustic chic with tasteful modern accents
  • Rustic Modern Collection – rooms featuring natural, aged, and weathered furnishings, with the sense of natural warmth of the outdoors
  • Refined Lodge Collection – rooms inspired by the elegant Rockies glam design and the legendary cattle baron homes found in the West.

The Las Vegas hotel remodel designs were inspired by Silverton’s award-winning sister property Hotel Drover, a Marriott Autograph Collection Hotel, which opened to national acclaim in 2021 in the historic Fort Worth Stockyards.   Just like Hotel Drover, the Silverton designs include rich details with intentional and eye-catching touchpoints.  Since opening, the Drover has been recognized by USA Today, Condé Nast, Forbes, and Travel + Leisure for its unique and elegant western glam design, its curated art, crafted fixtures, and custom furnishings.

“This is more than a room remodel,” said Silverton CEO Craig Cavileer.  “This was an opportunity to creatively reinvent our entire hotel operation in Las Vegas.  While we are keeping aspects of our lodge theme that our guests have enjoyed over the years, our new rooms and suites will envelop our guests in a new spirit of rustic elegance, providing a unique Las Vegas hotel experience.”

To prepare for the extensive renovation, the hotel and adjacent Sway pool deck will be out of service beginning in early August and scheduled to reopen in early 2023.  The rest of the resort  including the casino, restaurants, aquarium, Veil Pavilion, Johnny Rockets, Starbucks and Bass Pro Shops – will remain open during the hotel and pool renovation.   In addition, Hyatt Place Las Vegas at Silverton Village and The Berkley, Las Vegas – both located within the Silverton Village district – will remain open.

The design of this $45m project is under the direction of Kayla Wilkie, director of Design and Development for Lifestyle and Hospitality for Majestic Realty Co. an affiliate of Silverton.  “Kayla did a phenomenal job in designing the award-winning Hotel Drover in Fort Worth and I expect that she will deliver an amazing product for us here as well,” said Cavileer.

In addition to the Las Vegas renovation, Silverton is expanding its brand to Pahrump Nv., where it is set to build the new Silverton Ranch Casino, anchored by Marriott Springhill Suites.  The project is expected to break ground later this year.

Architectural and Interior Design for the Silverton renovation project was provided by Klai Juba Wald, the resort’s architect of record.



Thank You Team Members

In honor of our 25th anniversary, we placed an ad in Sunday’s Las Vegas Review-Journal to thank our Team Members!

The prominent ad wrapped around the front section and included an entire full-page Thank You message featuring the names of each of our Team Members.

These Team Members are the secret to our success, and we are grateful to them every day for creating AMAZING experiences for our guests and for each other.

Thank you Team for being the very best in the business!  (See ad here: Las Vegas Team Members)

Silverton Las Vegas Team Members


Silverton Casino Hotel celebrates its Silver Anniversary in 2022, commemorating a quarter century in Las Vegas.  The local casino favorite offers 300 deluxe rooms and suites and world-class amenities all located within an upscale, contemporary luxury lodge-themed resort.  Silverton features 90,000 square feet of state-of-the-art gaming, including the most popular slot machines and table games.  An 117,000-gallon saltwater aquarium, home to thousands of sharks, stingrays and tropical fish, was voted “Best Attraction” in the Best of Las Vegas awards.

The resort is a culinary destination, featuring Mi Casa grill cantina, Su Casa sushi bar, Sundance Grill, WuHu Noodle, Shady Grove Lounge, Mermaid Restaurant & Lounge, Starbucks, and Johnny Rockets.  Twin Creeks is known as the premier Off-Strip steakhouse in Las Vegas.  The unique “Stakes are High” program at Twin Creeks Steakhouse gives diners a chance to roll dice to win a complimentary Creekstone Farms Tomahawk, the restaurant’s signature cut.

In addition to the adjacent 165,000-square-foot flagship Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World, the Silverton Village features a 150-room Hyatt Place hotel, the 18-story luxury high-rise The Berkley, and several restaurants, including Cracker Barrel Old Country Store.