The Benefits of Being an Oenophile

Who doesn’t love a glass of wine at the end of the day? Oenophile simply refers to the enjoyment of wine.  Whether it is red or white, there’s nothing quite as relaxing as popping the cork and kicking your feet up. Lately, it takes little to no effort to find an article of a doctor touting the benefits of everyone’s favorite grape juice.  In all honesty, there is a weekly event that is good for your health, sanity and a few other benefits that come with your favorite glass of wine. It is Wine Down Wednesday at Sway Pool located at Silverton Casino.  Here are just a few wonderful perks, exclusive to drinking wine.

Health Benefits
As mentioned, on numerous occasions doctors have noted how a glass of wine can help protect against memory loss, works as an anti-inflammatory, is full of antioxidants and the list continues to grow. Whether you believe that or not, we know we’ll be taking our chances! Doctor’s orders.

Social Benefits
There are plenty of social gatherings just for wine enthusiasts, much like Silverton’s Wine Down Wednesday, which can help you meet like-minded individuals in your area. Who doesn’t love bonding over a new varietal, especially if it’s free? Wine-loving friends are the best of friends.

Crafty Benefits
Haven’t we all fallen in love with some type of wine bottle, or cork décor for our home that doubles as a reflection of one of our passions? While this may not be for some, those more inclined to whip out the glue gun from time to time can appreciate stocking up on “supplies” in the form of bottles and corks with each label consumed to create something fun. Hello Pinterest!

Dancing Benefits
Absolutely flawless dance moves that only improve with the more wine consumed. The dance floor won’t know what hit it. Just remember to rock out, and roll out responsibly.

Green Changes for Earth Day

Earth Day comes around every year as a perfect reminder of the varying changes we could make in our lives to better the planet that we call home. So we sat down with Kirk Golding environmental enthusiast and Senior Vice President of IT and Special Projects at Silverton Casino, for this top picks on going green, and the impact the changes will make to the green in your wallet. Golding shares his top picks for making a difference without breaking the bank, leaving us with no excuses when it comes doing our part.

-Remember the 5 R’s (In order of importance): Refuse, don’t accept plastic. Reduce, refrain from using plastic as much as possible, Reuse, when you must use plastic, Recycle, once you’ve reached the reuse limit as a last resort, Rot, compost everything that you can.
-Buy items available in glass over plastic
-Buy in bulk rather than plastic

Low- Medium Cost
-Purchase a programmable thermostat for your home and be sure to set it so that it is less active when you are not home. Additionally, getting used to keeping it a little warmer in the summer and cooler in the winter can help reduce costs and stay green.
-A whole house fan can be green and beneficial by forcing the outside air to the interior, resulting in less usage for air conditioning and heating.
-Replace the bulbs in your home or office with LED bulbs.

High Cost
-Purchase an electric or hybrid vehicle
-Invest in a tankless hot water heater

Going green starts with small changes that can lead to big differences overtime. Investing your own green and a little time can be quite gratifying, along with the knowledge that you are doing what you can to make a difference, no matter how small.

Do you have any tips for living a green life?

Las Vegas: The Ninth Island

Las Vegas has earned itself the honorary title as the “Ninth Hawaiian Island”. While it may be a mystery to desert dwellers why Hawaiian’s would leave paradise for the desert sand and a pair of rolling dice, we’re thankful for everything they bring with them!

Over 90,000 former Hawaiian residents now call Las Vegas home, bringing their family, aloha spirit, and delicious cuisine. If you’re from Hawaii and missing a taste of home, here are a few amenities that secure Las Vegas as the Ninth Hawaiian Island.

Pure Aloha Festival
Carnival rides, live entertainment, food and retail vendors take over Silverton Casino for the 15th Annual Pure Aloha Festival, from Thursday, April 14- Sunday, April 17. The Pure Aloha concerts will be on Friday and Saturday featuring Fiji, Sammy Jo, Maoli, Ekolu, Micah G, Kapena, Bo Napolean, Pati and the Kapena Kids.  This traditional event is fun for the whole family, a taste of home, or an escape from the surrounding desert even if just for the weekend.  On Saturday, be sure to pop into Silverton Casino for Seasons’ Polynesian Buffet for the perfect evening.

Hawaiian Marketplace
Modeled after the International Marketplace in Honolulu, Hawaii, the outdoor Hawaiian Marketplace brings a taste of island-style shopping to Las Vegas. The 80,000 square-foot marketplace has bright colors, tropical plants, Hawaiian statues and anything else you may think of tucked along the shops. Whether you are there for souvenirs, island comfort food, the perfect ensemble, or even a tattoo, you’re in luck!

Ohana Festival
Springs Preserve hosts its annual Ohana Festival celebrating Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month in May. Placing the emphasis on Ohana, family, they will feature food, live music, performances by local hula schools, crafts, workshops and much more! There is also plenty to go around for those 21 and older in the family with beer provided by Maui Brewing Co.

Taste of Hawaii
Almost anywhere you go in Las Vegas, you can find some type of island food or nod to the 50th state. From Aloha Kitchen, L&L Hawaiian Barbeque, or Makai Pacific Island Grill. Who doesn’t love some musubi or a delicious pineapple treat? These are just a few ways to get in touch with aloha, but there are many other groups, organizations and families ready to embrace those new to the Ninth Island.

Tahiti Village
Enjoy an on-site luau, Polynesian entertainment with audience participation encouraged, paired with island inspired cocktails can take you away to paradise if only for the evening.  They’ll be sure to placea lei around your neck upon entering, so feel free to come as you are.

So set your clocks to island time and take advantage of all the wonders of the Ninth Hawaiian island!


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Outside the Neon Lights: 60 Minutes or Less

There’s no denying Las Vegas is amazing. There are a million and one things to do, 24 hours of each day and even more so into the night with the neon lights in full force. But there are some gems to seek out just outside the city limits that will transform your scenery and mindset, in 60 minutes or less.

Time: 1 Hour

Don’t be fooled, this small town will be big for adventure seekers. Just an hour ‘over the hump’ to Pahrump and you will be able to indulge in a jetpack flight experience you’re not soon to forget. A unique experience you might have missed out on if you hadn’t ventured just outside the city.

Boulder City
Time: 30 Minutes

While you may find it surprising that Boulder City makes the list, being one of only two cities where gambling is banned in Nevada. The slots may not have a staple appearance as they do everywhere else in neighboring Las Vegas; but this city isn’t short on what it has to offer.

Boulder City can be your gateway to experience a bird’s eye tour of the Grand Canyon.  Get lost in a breathtaking, one of a kind, glimpse at one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

Are heights not for you? Capture some of the culture of the small town with an excursion on Nevada Southern Railway’s train for a unique view of the desert’s beauty.

Time: 30 Minutes

While this small community with a population of about 200 people may not have be the first place you think of when you have your eyes set on the Las Vegas skyline, it will be a place you’ll surely remember. Goodsprings is home to the famous Pioneer Saloon, one of the oldest saloons in Nevada at over 100 years old. The Pioneer Saloon is filled with heritage, history, haunted ghost tours and a good place to grab a bite and brew off the beaten path. Look familiar? It has made an appearance in countless movies, television shows, music videos, and even video games. A historical place for some grub, gulp or ghost hunting!

Tule Springs
Time: 40 Minutes

If you’ve already gotten your fill of the desert landscape, head to Floyd Lamb Park where you can escape into a sea of green and lush landscape. The park contains four stocked ponds, picnic areas, barbeques, volleyball courts, horseshoe pits and much more. Don’t be afraid to mingle with the locals! The geese, ducks and peacocks are a staple in the park, making it hard to believe the desert is a short distance away. Those with a Nevada fishing license can even fish in the park’s ponds!

While the lights of Las Vegas have no match, don’t be blinded by them and miss out on so many other gems that surround the city.