Who is Don Felder?

Don Felder is renowned as a former lead guitarist of The Eagles, one of the most popular and influential rock groups of our time.

It’s easy to see why Felder garners such a level of respect. Not only is he a proud, longstanding member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, having been inducted with the Eagles back in 1998, he was also inaugurated into the Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum in Nashville in 2016 and the Florida Artists Hall of Fame in 2017. Fact is, Felder spent 27 years with the Eagles, who have sold over 150 million albums worldwide to date and own the fine distinction of recording the top-selling album of all time — Their Greatest Hits (1971-1975), which has sold over 38 million copies (and counting).

Don Felder

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Who is Don Felder?

Don left the band in 2001 and has since forged an impressive career as a top-tier solo artist, having placed the hard-driving “Heavy Metal (Takin’ a Ride)” in the pole position of the same-named 1981 animated film (a song that remains one of the most requested staples of his live set to this very day), along with a pair of fully realized full-length albums, 1983’s sonically soaring Airborne and 2012’s multifaceted song-cycle treatise, Road to Forever.

Felder added “best-selling author” to his ever-impressive resume when his spellbinding 2008 memoir, Heaven and Hell: My Life in the Eagles (1974-2001), became an instant New York Times bestselling smash.

“There’s still a lot of excitement about it,” he observes. “I still get all these posts about it on Facebook and Twitter, and there’s a huge grass-roots thing that goes on every time I play live. As many as 50 people come up to the front of the stage who have the book and want me to sign it at just about every show.”

His “Fingers” nickname is well-warranted, as anyone who has ever watched the man’s hands blaze across whatever guitar fretboard can readily attest — whether it be acoustic or electric, single-neck or double-neck. In fact, the inherent prowess of those dexterous digits helped Felder navigate the burgeoning rock scene in his native Gainesville, Florida, while he was growing up there in the 1960s. That formative time included a stint teaching guitar to a young sandy-haired Southern gentleman by the name of Tom Petty. “Who knew he would become such a rock music icon?” Felder muses. “I was so proud to see Tom become as popular and influential as he did.”

Hotel California

“Hotel California” has served Felder quite well over the years — as well it should.

“People love the music, the guitar solos, and the overall vibe that song has,” admits Don. “When I got up and played ‘Hotel California’ at the United Nations a few years back, everybody in the room knew the song and was singing along with it — even those heads of state and presidents who didn’t speak English! I got an enormous standing ovation for it. At that point, it dawned on me what a global impact that one song had. And now, by the time ‘Hotel’ appears at the end of the night in my live set, everybody is standing on their feet, ready to go and ready to receive that powerful electric energy.”

Don’t miss out on your chance to see Don Felder perform live at Veil Pavilion in Las Vegas.



Baile  /ˈbīlā/  a social gathering for dancing, specifically one at which Spanish or Mexican dances are performed.


Join us for BAILE FEST, a Las Vegas Spanish Music Festival, including high-energy performances from three popular bands:


  • Banda Arkángel R-15, a regional Mexican Technobanda, was founded by Jesus Navarro. Their hits include “Bailame Quebradito,” “La Quebradita,” “Goza mi cumbia,” and “El Brinque y Brinque.”

  • La Sonora Dinamita, the iconic Columbian band, is credited with the spread of honey-tinged Cumbia sounds throughout Latin America. Their 1981 hit song “Mi Cucu” has become a party anthem, and is fun to sing and dance to.

  • Sonora Tropicana adds a tropical flare to the classic Cumbia sound. The group, which has been performing to massive crowds for 25 years, won the Furia Musical Award for Best Tropical Group two years in a row.

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What is Cumbia Music?

Cumbia is a style of Latin music that originated in Colombia and is now popular throughout South America, Central America, and the United States. Traditional Cumbia music uses a blend of African, Native American, and European styles and uses musical instruments such as drums, flutes, maracas, and accordions.

Cumbia, as a music genre, has many different styles based on where it’s played.  Countries across Latin America — like Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Brazil, Ecuador, Cuba, and Mexico — all have their own unique styles and additions to the music. Cumbia music is most discernible for being percussion-heavy, with a signature double beat played on a maraca or drum, and flutes that carry the melody.

Who is Kuh Ledesma?

Kuh Ledesma is sometimes called the “Beyonce of the Philippines.”  It’s no wonder — the Pop Diva has been performing for 35+ years, including some 1,000 international concerts, numerous awards and 20 albums in the Philippine recording industry.

She has triumphantly conquered recording, the concert stage, television, soap operas, advertising, and musical production, is a byword among the elite and the mass public alike, and with her customary brilliance and sophistication, sets styles in whatever area of entertainment she chooses.

Kuh is known for her lavish concept shows, putting up solo concerts in venues  in the ’80s during a time when singers shunned large venues because they were difficult to fill.  The rest is music history.

Want to hear more?  OPM icon Kuh Ledesma performs her signature hit, “I Think I’m In Love” live on morning radio.  The easy-listening tune — which beautifully captures the experience of falling in love — is lifted off her 1984 album of the same name.

Don’t miss your chance to see her at Veil Pavilion on Saturday, June 18.


Kuh will be joined on stage by renowned Filipino singer-songwriter Odette Quesada.  Want to hear more?  Here she is performing her OPM classic, “Friend of Mine” on a morning radio show.  This clip features  Odette’s distinctive singing style, and the track spins the story of people falling helplessly in love with their friends.

Don’t miss your chance to see her at Veil Pavilion on Saturday, June 18.


In addition, Filipino entertainer Fe de los Reyes adds a bit of humor to the show.  Here’s a sample:

Don’t miss your chance to see her at Veil Pavilion on Saturday, June 18.

Who is Metalachi?

If you are a fan of America’s Got Talent, you might recognize Metalachi — the heavy metal Mariachi band act from Season 10.   Although they didn’t win that season, the group became a sensation after the show put Metalachi front and center, exposing them to new fans across the country.

This is not your ordinary cover band.  This group of classically trained Mariachi are perhaps the only in the world  to concentrate solely on…  heavy metal.

The newspaper Coachella Weekly said it best:

Metalachi infuses their stage shows with comedic skits and pageantry that pushes the level of pure entertainment to impressive heights so, considering the fact that we have the opportunity to rock out with them for the price of a ticket… I highly recommend to one and all that you show up [at their concert] because you will not be disappointed.

To see Metalachi in Las Vegas, the world’s first and only heavy metal mariachi band performs live at Veil Pavilion on Saturday, May 7, 2022. Get ready to rock out to their unique blended sound as they perform classic metal covers fused with classic mariachi.

Here’s one more taste of Metalachi:

Get your tickets today.


Who are Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers?

Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers have been releasing albums and touring across the US and UK for many years. Their fans call themselves Peacemakers and refer to the band as RCPM.

This is the group that put a Southwestern spin on alternative rock.   If you’ve ever watched the animated series “King of the Hill,” you know what we mean.  Fans of the show will recognize the work of Roger Clyne, who wrote (and performed) the show’s theme song.

Here’s a snippet:

RCPM will make a stop at Silverton Casino on April 23 for a concert in Veil Pavilion. The musical beacons of the southwest, fueled by witty and insightful lyrics, crunching guitar riffs, a dynamic rhythm section, and tequila, the group will perform on Saturday, April 23, at 8pm and will have fans singing along to RCPM favorites such as “California Breakdown,” “Lemons,” “Green and Dumb,” and many more.

Last year marked the 25th anniversary of Fizzy Fuzzy Big & Buzzy,” Roger Clyne’s major-label debut. The album yielded a national modern-rock radio hit in Banditos,a gritty, guitar-driven song about planning the ultimate bank heist that includes a singalong chorus of “Everybody knows that the world is full of stupid people.”

Known as one of Arizona’s most beloved hometown groups, Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers  were inducted into the Arizona Music & Entertainment Hall of Fame in 2019.  RCPM  even wrote and recorded the victory song for the MLB team the Arizona Diamondbacks.  Even with such success, they may be one of the best kept secrets of the southwest music scene.

The members share ownership of Canción Tequila, which is distilled from 100 percent blue agave.

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