What Your Drink Choice Says About You

Vegas is a destination for numerous reasons, the entertainment, the food, the atmosphere and of course the bars! But have you ever wondered what your drink of choice may say about you? We’re breaking down, generally of course, what your drink conveys with a little suggestion on where to go to feel most at home!

Margarita: Whether it be frozen or on the rocks, you enjoy adventure in life and aren’t afraid to try new things! Whether it is new food, new destinations or new experiences, you’re the first one that people can count in! Our suggestion: Try one (or more) of the award-winning margaritas at Mi Casa Grill Cantina like the Paloma South.

Red Wine: You appreciate the finer things in life, which includes being able to kick back, slow down, and soak up the moment if need be. You fancy yourself a sophisticate of sorts and find heaven in a perfect wine and food pairing, especially with good company.  Our suggestion: Happy Hour at Twin Creeks Steakhouse to take advantage of 50% of House wine and delectable pairings.

Long Island Iced Tea: You need a vacation, specifically to the beach where you can enjoy more drinks of this nature. You work hard, but play harder and go all in with everything in your life.  Our suggestion: Since running away to the beach isn’t an option this very moment, head to Mermaid Lounge to escape reality, even if it’s just through happy hour.

Old Fashioned: You’re a classic. You’re the low key one of the group. While you’re usually the quietest, you’re also the best listener and you also always know more than you lead on. This of course means you’re killer at bar trivia, or being able to remind others of their shenanigans the next day, even if they don’t! Our suggestion: Swing by Shady Grove Lounge and unwind watching the game with a few friends or make new ones that are just your speed.

Lemon Drop: You enjoy the sweet things in life. You’re always up to date with the latest trends, who’s who, and where to be -before anyone else. When people need advice or input on what is trending, your number is on speed dial.  Our suggestion: Grab some prime people watching real-estate at Flare bar, maybe you’ll catch a glimpse of the latest what’s next while you drink in the sweet life.