Meet R.O.B. – Our New Security Robot

December 27, 2023

Security RobotThat’s not R2D2 that you may have seen in the parking garage.  It’s the newest tool of our Security team — a Knightscope K5 Autonomous Security Robot that we call R.O.B., which stands for Remote Observation Bot.  We’ve partnered with Knightscope — an advanced security technology company based in Silicon Valley — to utilize this fully autonomous security robot that deters, detects and reports.


R.O.B. is a self-driving (autonomous) security robot that supplements the patrols of our Security team.  It drives around our property without any human intervention while contributing to our overall Silverton security mission.  Through its observations, we gather and deliver additional levels of data and actionable intelligence to our Security team to assist in making smarter, safer and faster decisions.

The K5 robot uses 16 microphones and a range of sensors, including lidar and sonar, to detect anomalies and report them in real-time to our Security and Surveillance teams. The robot has four wide-angle cameras which take 360 degrees of high-definition footage. The robot also has a license plate recognition designed to alert Security if it detects the plate number of a suspicious individual.

R.O.B. can see a full 360-degrees (even in the dark), stream that video directly to our Security and Surveillance teams, and keep a high-definition record of it for days.  His powerful analytics allow us to detect a human being that the human eye may not even be able to see under certain conditions.

When R.O.B. sees something, it says something by reporting the incident or “alert” in real time via email, text, and his included software.  It relies on machine learning, deep learning and refining his detection capabilities so that It may reduce or even eliminate any margin of error, which makes these alerts better over time.



According to Knightscope’s website, its robots are used by airports, hotels, police departments, shopping malls, and schools.  Retail companies – such as Lowes – are also testing the use of K5 robots in their parking lots.  You can see how Bank of Hawaii is using a Knightscope K5 here:



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