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Best Free Aquarium in Las Vegas

Yup, it’s a water attraction in the desert. Named the “Best Free Attraction in Las Vegas,” the Silverton Las Vegas aquarium holds more than 117,000 gallons of water, and it’s home to thousands of tropical fish.

The mermaids have been featured in the media over the years and they have even assisted with Project Mermaids, a non-profit organization helping to bring awareness to Save Our Beach Foundation. Our aquarium is a favorite of all ages, and it’s just part of what makes Silverton Casino the best of the family hotel in Las Vegas.


Don't miss the mermaids

Looking to add a touch of wonder to your day? Look no further than the Mermaid Appearances at Silverton Casino! Our enchanting and skilled mermaids will transport you to an underwater world of fantasy and magic.

Whether you're visiting our casino or simply seeking a unique and unforgettable experience, our Las Vegas mermaids are sure to leave a lasting impression. Watch as they gracefully swim through our stunning aquarium, interacting with a variety of sea creatures and bringing the magic of the ocean to life.

And for those who want to take their mermaid encounter to the next level, we offer an exclusive Mermaid School experience, where you can join our mermaids for an unforgettable swim in the aquarium. It's an experience you won't find anywhere else!

So come visit us at Silverton Casino and discover the wonder and magic of the Mermaid Appearances. We can't wait to share our underwater world with you.

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A variety of tropical fish to see

In addition, guests won’t want to miss the freshwater aquariums in Las Vegas located on-site at Bass Pro Shops. An 18,000-gallon water feature simulating Red Rock Canyon’s beautiful rock formations is filled with spectacular live Koi. Three additional aquariums at Bass Pro Shop feature trout, channel catfish, carp and bass and include a flowing canyon river with live ducks, turtles, bluegills, and sturgeon.

Our signature 117,000-gallon reef aquarium will transport you to a tropical oasis to admire thousands of tropical fish, and three species each of stingrays and sharks. In addition, the Mermaid Lounge features 500-gallon jellyfish aquariums lit with LED lights.

Mermaid School

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