Outside the Neon Lights: 60 Minutes or Less

April 4, 2016

There’s no denying Las Vegas is amazing. There are a million and one things to do, 24 hours of each day and even more so into the night with the neon lights in full force. But there are some gems to seek out just outside the city limits that will transform your scenery and mindset, in 60 minutes or less.

Time: 1 Hour

Don’t be fooled, this small town will be big for adventure seekers. Just an hour ‘over the hump’ to Pahrump and you will be able to indulge in a jetpack flight experience you’re not soon to forget. A unique experience you might have missed out on if you hadn’t ventured just outside the city.

Boulder City
Time: 30 Minutes

While you may find it surprising that Boulder City makes the list, being one of only two cities where gambling is banned in Nevada. The slots may not have a staple appearance as they do everywhere else in neighboring Las Vegas; but this city isn’t short on what it has to offer.

Boulder City can be your gateway to experience a bird’s eye tour of the Grand Canyon.  Get lost in a breathtaking, one of a kind, glimpse at one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

Are heights not for you? Capture some of the culture of the small town with an excursion on Nevada Southern Railway’s train for a unique view of the desert’s beauty.

Time: 30 Minutes

While this small community with a population of about 200 people may not have be the first place you think of when you have your eyes set on the Las Vegas skyline, it will be a place you’ll surely remember. Goodsprings is home to the famous Pioneer Saloon, one of the oldest saloons in Nevada at over 100 years old. The Pioneer Saloon is filled with heritage, history, haunted ghost tours and a good place to grab a bite and brew off the beaten path. Look familiar? It has made an appearance in countless movies, television shows, music videos, and even video games. A historical place for some grub, gulp or ghost hunting!

Tule Springs
Time: 40 Minutes

If you’ve already gotten your fill of the desert landscape, head to Floyd Lamb Park where you can escape into a sea of green and lush landscape. The park contains four stocked ponds, picnic areas, barbeques, volleyball courts, horseshoe pits and much more. Don’t be afraid to mingle with the locals! The geese, ducks and peacocks are a staple in the park, making it hard to believe the desert is a short distance away. Those with a Nevada fishing license can even fish in the park’s ponds!

While the lights of Las Vegas have no match, don’t be blinded by them and miss out on so many other gems that surround the city.

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