Fun Facts About Columbus Day

Today we observe the day that Christopher Columbus sailed west and discovered the American Continent on October 12, 1492, or as many of us call “home”. But what else do you know about the history of this day, or what it means to you today?

Columbus began sailing west from Europe and assumed that he had reached the eastern shore of China. Contrary to popular belief, most educated Europeans were aware the Earth was round; therefore Columbus did not set sail to prove that the Earth was not flat.

Columbus Day was not recognized until President Franklin Roosevelt proclaimed in 1937, that October 12th, the date that Columbus set food on San Salvador Island in 1492, as the official date for the annual holiday. But in 1971, Congress moved the date to the second Monday of October to guarantee a three-day holiday weekend.

Hawaii, Alaska, Oregon and South Dakota do not recognize Columbus Day as a holiday. South Dakota in fact celebrates Native American Day rather than Columbus Day. As the state of Nevada, it depends where you live if government offices and schools are closed. Most schools remain open and instead observe Nevada Day later in the month.

Columbus introduced wheat, barley, rye, sugar bananas and citrus fruits to the Americas.

In present day, it is one of the best days of the year to find great deals all around. For retailers, it marks a weekend to clear the shelves with clearance sales to make way for the bulk of items coming in for the holiday season. Food specials are another great perk of the holiday, including buy one get one free buffet at Seasons Buffet.

Columbus Day is celebrated in several countries including Latin American countries, the Bahamas and Spain simply under different names.

The District of Columbia is named after Christopher Columbus.

Pushing Pumpkin Season

We’ve officially made it to October, the month of skeletons, things that go bump in the night, jack-o-lanterns and pumpkins. While Starbucks got a head start in early September with the fan favorite, pumpkin spice latte or “PSL” for all the seasoned veterans, the rest of us in the desert are doing our best to ring in fall despite what the thermometer reads.

Even the Silverton Mermaids have pumpkin fever! While they may not have leaves changing color and chilly breezes underwater, the aquarium is festively decorated with pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns.  Come visit during ray feedings or mermaid swims to capture all the fun at its fullest!

Nothing says fall quite like snuggling up for a movie marathon! On Nevada Day, Friday, October 28th, grab the kids (they’ll be out of school), blankets and get ready for a monster movie marathon to kick off the holiday weekend! Enjoy some Tim Burton favorites such as Frankenweenie, The Corpse Bride, Paranorman and more starting at 10am!

On Halloween all spirits, goblins and ghouls can enjoy a scary good meal at Sundance Grill. With entrées like “Intestines and Internal Organs”, more commonly referred to as spaghetti and meatballs with garlic toast and other delicious dining options to choose from. Body parts not what you’re craving? Enjoy buy one get one free at Season Buffet or try your luck at the Trick or Treat Slot Tournament.

How about a twist on the classic pumpkin picking that could have you walking away $25,000 richer? Grab A Gourd interactive drawings are happening every Saturday in October with 10 lucky winners every week.

Don’t forget to visit Starbucks and grab your traditional PSL, or chilly weather drink of choice, before enjoying all the fall festivities, it’s quite honestly a requirement.

Take on Las Vegas Like a Local

Whether you’re a rare born and raised Las Vegas native, lived here long enough to claim the title, or visit so often you think you should change your license, you know there are some perks to the tried and true ways when it comes to taking on the city like a local. Here is how to take on Las Vegas like it’s your city.

The number one thing you’ll hear from any local is, “I never go to The Strip”.  It’s funny to think since it’s the number one thing the city, quite honestly the state, is known for are those few miles on Las Vegas Boulevard.  But even just a few miles further there are some gems that natives take full advantage of. Local casinos have some amazing benefits that Strip properties simply can’t compete with, and all too often over looked perks that tourists don’t consider.

Locals have player’s cards. While having a local ID and the lay of the land is helpful, having a player’s card is the ultimate edge.  By showing your id and signing up, right out of the gate you will get perks for doing the things you would have done anyway. It doesn’t cost you a dime and you get more bang for your buck, win win.

Locals know the best happy hours around town.  If there’s anything the city isn’t lacking on, it’s locations to grab a drink at all hours. The best hour of course is happy hour. Knowing the lay of the land awards you the knowledge of all the best happy hours in town.

Locals have been spoiled compared to their neighbors in California when it comes to paying for parking, or lack thereof.  With the recent uproar of MGM properties now charging for parking, and locals determined to continue not paying a dime, they’re your best bet for the inside scoop where to park, or to admit defeat and just call a Lyft.

The whole community is a tad spoiled by having everything available to us 24/7. With that being said, much like happy hour, no matter what the hour, check with a local not only the best places to go but when to go. Late night specials, early bird specials, there’s a special for all times of the day, you just need to know when and where.

Just be sure that your pronounce Nevada correctly, or I wouldn’t take the advice they give you.

Fall, Food, Football and Entertainment

Fall means a lot of wonderful things. The changing of the seasons, pumpkin spice lattes, cooler temperatures, and the most important to fans, football is back making all right with the world once more.  But what is football without the beloved football traditions? The Steelers have their Terrible Towels; the Packers have their Cheeseheads, but something, other than the age honored tradition of tailgating, that every team can get behind, is that of game day drink specials.

We have four locations backing the home team with both food and drink specials available Thursdays, Sundays and Mondays during National Football League games.  They include Mermaid Restaurant & Lounge, Shady Grove Lounge, Flare Bar and Mi Casa Grill Cantina.

Drown your sorrows of weak defensive, crappy quarterback or whatever may be the case this season, or better yet, celebrate your undoubted victory with some fabulous deals on buckets of beer, shots, Jell-O shots and 50 cent wings! You may not end up at the Super Bowl, but you’re definitely winning.

Needing a little Monday Motivation? TC Martin from NBC Sports Radio hosts the Monday Night Football Party inside Shady Grove Lounge with drawings, trivia contests with some amazing prizes!

Is your football team “none of the above”?  We have an entertainment lineup just for you! Silverton is bursting at the seams with something to amuse everyone. International sensation Billy Ocean takes the stage this Friday singing everyone’s favorites! The 11th Annual Pure Aloha Fall Festival returns with live music, food, dancing competitions and an unforgettable weekend. Jack Mack and the Heart Attack Horns return with their eight piece rock’n soul band and their unique, memorable style. How about a tribute to some of the hottest queens of music? Queens on the Run captures the best of Tina Turner, Beyoncé, Mary J Blige and many more. To think this is only a taste of everything going on this season! Don’t miss out on any of the entertainment and events being announced for a memorable season, even without the pigskin!

Our Favorite Seasons

As fall is quickly approaching and everyone is talking about their favorite seasonal drinks, things to do and what they plan to snuggle up in, we can’t help but think out our favorite of the seasons, Seasons Buffet! Here are a few things you may want to know that will have you claiming a new favorite season as well.

Year round specialty buffets are a staple at Seasons! Enjoy their BBQ and Brews menu, every Friday through September which includes bottomless Bud Light drafts, capturing the taste of the waning season of summer.  Saturdays are all about the Polynesian Buffet, delectable dining bringing island life to the desert with featured items such as ahi poke, sushi, suckling pig and much more. Is brunch more your speed? Saturday and Sundays you can enjoy a Bellini Brunch with the whole squad. You can take a peek at their full specialty menus here, or to simply give your taste buds a head start planning what to dive into first!

Seasons has six live action cooking stations including a carving station, pasta station, and who doesn’t love a seemingly endless selection of desserts to top it all off?  No one, absolutely no one, that’s who! But a little insider tip, the fan favorite is without a doubt the fish tacos! You simply have to try one for yourself to see why.

Do you have big hunger on a small budget? Being a Silverton Rewards Club member has its perks! Members enjoy a discount every single day at Seasons Buffet. Also, for those who are fabulous 50 and up, you can enjoy 50 percent off every Monday with Senior Mondays, along with exclusive drawings, and slot tournaments. Just by signing up at the Players Club!

So no matter your favorite season, summer or winter and everything in between, you’re covered all year long at Seasons Buffet!

Looking Back at the Chevy Camaro

The Chevy Camaro is celebrating 50 years, so we’re taking a moment to look through the review mirror at all the changes and fun facts about the American classic since the 1967 model went on sale on September 29, 1966. We encourage you to join along, share your fun facts, stories, photos of your Camaro or of the ones you pined for, so please join in on the conversation, no need to be a gear head, to celebrate 50 wonderful years of the Chevy Camaro,

  • The first Camaro shared a chassis with the classic Chevy Nova
  • In Development it was known within General Motors as “The Panther” before being branded as the iconic Camaro
  • The base 1970 Camaro cost $2,749
  • On June 28, 1966 Chevy Public Relations team held the largest teleconference to date, gathering media from 14 cities to make the announcement. Over 100 technicians from Bell were on hand to make sure that the call went through.
  • No other car than the Camaro and Corvette has paced the Indianapolis 500 since 2004. The Camaro has paced 8 times, only rivaled by the Corvette who has paced 11 times.
  • Dubai police have a z/28. Probably wouldn’t suggest trying to make a break for it
  • I was rumored that the namesake of Camaro was a terrible disease that killed horses (cough, cough, the Camaro’s well know rival, the Mustang). While it was no secret that the Mustang just so happened to be the Camaro’s direct competitor, in fact, it was a name that was created specifically to fit the “C” naming system known to Chevy.

Help us celebrate by sharing photos of your own Camaro through the years with #CamaroFifty. Don’t have a Camaro? Maybe we can help you fix that. Please join us for your chance to win a 50th Anniversary 2017 Camaro this September! Drive away a winner, and with a piece of classic car history.

Looking Back on Back to School in Las Vegas

This week marks the first day of school for many Las Vegas students from pre-kindergarten all the way to the university level. As those entering first grade, class of 2028, look towards the future, we look back on some notable memories and fun facts involving the schools in the Las Vegas Valley.

Las Vegas High School is the oldest high school in Las Vegas originally opening in 1931 on the outskirts of the town. The Wildcats moved to a new campus in 1993. Notable graduates include Lieutenant William Harrell Nellis, for whom Nellis Air Force Base is named after, and Bruce Woodbury, American attorney and politician, as well as the namesake of the Bruce Woodbury Beltway in part to his service to the country.

University of Nevada, Las Vegas didn’t’ always have the beloved Hey Reb! as their mascot. The first official Rebel mascot was Beauregard, back when UNLV was called Nevada Southern University, a branch of University of Nevada, Reno.  Originally Beauregard was a wolf dressed in a grey Civil War-era field jacket and confederate cap representing the South. This was in response to Reno’s Wolf Pack mascot in the North, mimicking a playful civil war between the two Nevada universities. You can find a painting of Beauregard on the oak hardwood basketball floor of the old University gymnasium, which has since become the Barrick Museum.

Additionally, artist Mike Miller only charged UNLV a single dollar to design Hey Reb!, first appearing in 1983.

So whether you’re a student returning to university or a parent sending your child off for the first time we wish you a wonderful year! Join us at Sundance afterwards to share everything that you’ve learned, or anytime during the year, (late night study-sesh?) we’re open 24/7 and have coffee ready!

Setting Up for Football Season

It’s one of the most exciting times of the year. Leaves on the ground, a chill in the air, the names of men on the backs of fans of all different divisions coming together, and an excuse to abandon entire Sundays to sinfully good food and rule the field from a recliner. We’re just shy of the National Football League’s regular season and have so much to do to prepare for the wonderful season that is upon us. Here is how to do the season justice this year.

Have you studied for your Fantasy Football draft? We thought so. Gather up to ten of your favorite friends. We know they’re your favorite, because they’re all football fans, teams aside.  For only $35 a person everyone can enjoy unlimited Bud Light pitchers, wings, hot dogs, flatbreads and kettle chips. The hardest choice outside of the actually drafting is choosing Shady Grove Lounge or Mermaid Lounge. No matter your choice, it’s a sure win for everyone.

Once you’re all set and game day is upon us, it sets in that there is an overwhelming number of choices on where to watch the games. We have you covered. Be ready on Thursday, September 8th as the Panthers take on the Broncos, because no matter who wins on the field, you’ll be a winner at Shady Grove Lounge during Happy Camper Hoppy Hour, which just so happens to coincide with kick off.  So no matter which team you’re rooting for you can enjoy $2.50 on all drafts, 50 percent off of all growler refills and $3 well drinks on top of $5 food specials your taste buds will thank you for.

Now, only one final question remains. Now that you’re armed with the makings of a perfect season, despite your team’s performance on the field, are you ready for some football?

Thoughts We Have During the 2016 Rio Olympics

Every four years the Olympics come and bring along an array of emotions, inspiration and sheer excitement. An exciting time when everyone is glued to their television, and rooting on athletes from all over the world as they unite to compete for the prestigious honor and ultimate demonstration of hard work and dedication, of taking home a medal for their country.

With all that said and done, here are a few things we’ve all thought at least once during the Olympic Games so far.

I could totally do that if I wanted too.

Oh my goodness, I’m so lazy, what am I doing with my life?

Why is the water green?

USA! I bleed red, white and blueee!

I need to take advantage of all the Rio specials; it’s the patriotic thing to do!

That was amazing! Definitely set a record *announcer deems it a terrible dive*

How does someone even get into that kind of sport? Is it a family thing? Were they recruited? I need to know.

Maybe there’s still a chance for me, that gymnast is like 40 something right? I mean, if I start right now…

This is proof there are 16 year olds with better resumes than me.

I wish I could eat as much as those swimmers do. Bring on the carbs!

Why didn’t my mom ever push me to my unrealized Olympic dreams?

Is the human body honestly meant to bend that way? She might break.

Sure fire way to go for gold is by joining us in Shady Grove Lounge to share all these honest thoughts over Happy Camper Hoppy Hour. Who knows we may just have to award a medal for the best mini-bowler in the Airstream or best looking Grove Growler!  See you there, no qualifying necessary!

Dog Friendly Las Vegas

It’s no mystery that we love our four-legged companions, and the number one thing that they love is spending time with us. So show them the love they deserve and don’t leave Fido behind! There are some remarkable places to take man’s best friend all over the town, including dog-friendly businesses, parks and shops.  Where will your pooch join you?

Bass Pro Shops
The outdoor superstore opens its doors for outdoor enthusiasts of all levels, even those with wagging tails. Feel free to bring along the whole family as you plan your next outing, get a gander at your next boat, or simply get out of the scorching sun for a few hours.

Red Rock
Pack up the whole family and head over to Red Rock for some hiking or a scenic walk. There are numerous different paths with various skill levels to choose from.  An early morning hike is a great way to get outdoors before the heat gets unbearable, just be sure to bring lots of water for you and your dog.

Town Square Las Vegas
If your cardio of choice is shopping, then head to Town Square Las Vegas where pets are welcome, as long as they are on a leash in common areas and with their owner at all times.

Mount Charleston Lodge
Bring your pet along with you for a weekend getaway up at Mount Charleston. The Mount Charleston Lodge is pet friendly and wonderful alternative in lieu of boarding your best friend.

There is one night that is worth leaving your best friend at home for a few hours, Silverton Casino’s 6th Annual One Drunk Puppy Wine Tasting to benefit The Animal Foundation. Enjoy wine tasting, a silent auction, entertainment and much more to help the dogs of The Animal Foundation.