Cheers to All of Your Favorite Beers

Beer, a beverage so beloved that it has a national day set aside just for it and its hoppy goodness, not to mention, conveniently on a Friday, April 7th. The most widely consumed alcoholic beverage, rivaled in popularity only by water and tea. Beer is the favorite guest and undeniable socialite at almost everything gathering, no matter the occasion. There are numerous options when it comes to our favorite fermented beverage, so what does your go to say about you when you pony up to the bar to celebrate this week?

Miller Lite
You go for gold, beer that is, and enjoy a brew or two with the boys no matter the occasion. You honor friendships with the same respect as family, which says a lot about your loyalty to your brew of choice as well. Cheers to you!

Blue Moon
If you enjoy a wheat beer, you laugh heartily in the face of society’s ever growing gluten intolerance, real or imagined. You also tend to like things on the sweeter side; this translates into all aspects of your life. You’ve annoyed your friends on more than one occasion asking them if they can pick up oranges on their way over.

Blue Moon

You love hops. IPA is the hipster of beers. You more than likely liked it before it was cool and can suggest some wonderful brews that we’ve probably never heard of. You’ve also been known to educate fellow patrons at the bar about their drink, and all the other drinks available.

You wish you were on a beach instead of wherever you are this very second. You probably have said the phrase, “I don’t like beer, except Corona” on numerous occasions. You have a countdown to your next vacation on your desk to compliment your beach screensaver.


Goose Island
You are the one in the group they rely on when it comes to good taste. You will most likely be found at Shady Grove Lounge taking advantage of the 50 percent off growler refills Sunday through Thursday. You don’t wait until the weekend to start living.

Be sure to celebrate National Beer Day, and every day in between at your favorite bars or poolside with Miller Lite buckets for only $20. Better yet, join us and X107.5 for Brew Crew every Thursday in April, in case beer from breakfast just isn’t enough.


Behind the Veil: Backyard Bonfire Country Music Artists

Veil Pavilion has set the scene for diverse walks of talent, a plethora of talented singers, hilarious comedians, even countless smack downs throughout the years. Most recently it is setting the scene for the Backyard Bonfire Country Concert Series presented by Bass Pro Shops, that is kicking off next Thursday, and with so much going on main stage we wanted to take you Behind the Veil to learn a little bit more about some of the artists that are making their own mark on Veil in the near future, while you are singing along and cashing in some amazing Miller Lite specials!

As mentioned before, the Backyard Bonfire kicks off next week with none other than country music star, Joe Nichols. While many know his variety of hits starting with “The Impossible”, the ever famous “Tequila Makes her Clothes Fall Off” and most recently “Undone”, how much do you know about the artist himself?

Joe Nichols

Nichols actually made his debut, self-titled album, at the age of 19 with an independent label back in 1996, long before “The Impossible” took off in 2002. Surprising for most, back in 2005, Nichols flew to the Bahamas to perform “I’ll Wait for You” and “On the Wing of a Dove” at former Playboy Playmate, Anna Nicole Smith’s funeral at the request of her attorney, who stated he was one of her favorite singers.

The following week, Craig Campbell takes the stage with his many hits including “ Keep Them Kisses Comin’”, “Fish” and “Family Man” just to name a few. Early in his career Campbell actually played piano for Luke Bryan’s band, the country superstar encouraged Campbell to become a songwriter. Fun fact, Campbell’s song “Outta My Head” was actually supposed to be recorded by Scotty McCreery, but was accidently sent to Campbell instead. Lucky for Campbell, he was able to sweet talk McCreery into letting him record the song instead; the rest is music to our ears.

Craig Campbell

Be sure to check back to learn more about upcoming artists for our Backyard Bonfire Concert Series presented by Bass Pro Shops, and much more.

Think You Can You Party Like a Filipino?

There are a few staple things that reign true to only those who grew up in a Filipino household, things that as you got older you may have noticed differed from a few of your classmates. While you may not have understood then, you now hold these, the things that make you uniquely Filipino, near and dear to your heart, marking them as a calling card shared with fellow Pinoy who can identify with similar experiences, and even share a laugh or two about it.

Here are a few things you and your whole family are sure to relate to, have a laugh and most definitely grab a bite! Which do you identity with in your household?

You never eat the last morsel of food on the table

You were raise believing that every Filipino was an aunt and uncle

You put hot dogs in your spaghetti

If you don’t live at home, when your parents call they ask if you’ve eaten

Trying to explain to people why Philippines starts with a “Ph” and Filipino starts with and “F”

Your parents try to get you to go on a date with a child of one of their friends

You have no idea how to make rice on a stove

You point with your lips

Manny Pacquiao, that is all

Seeing Joey Albert and Rex Navarette during the Pinoy Party Weekend

Round up the whole family and head to Veil Pavilion this Friday and Saturday to enjoy music of Joey Albert and special guest David Pomeranz and the comedy genius f Rex Naverette the following night. Are you ready for Pinoy Party Weekend?!

Rex Navarette Joey Albert


How to Make Drinking Seem Like a Sport This St. Patrick’s Day

According to the dictionary’s definition of “sport”, it is an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment. Yet, it also defines “sport” to amuse oneself or play in a lively energetic way. Either way, we’ve got you covered by making your dreams come true and turning drinking into sport this St. Patrick’s Day with some riveting Pub Golf activities.

Don’t grab your clubs for this round of golf, The Green is being taken over for the most green holiday there is, with St. Patrick’s Day Pub Golf and free live music!

Are you a master of balance, coordination and tackling a good brew? Your agile, and dare we say athletic, ways can be put to the test at a riveting game of Pub Golf Jenga against your fellow competitors. Don’t forget to shout, “Jenga” to claim your rightful title as a champion.

St. Patricks Day

Master The Green with a round of put-put or sink bean bags like a professional with an intense game of corn hole against a rival team. Don’t forget to mark it on your golf card to show what a strong competitor you are! Psst… did you notice this most definitely falls into the first definition of sport, it totally counts.

If the latter definition of sport is more your style, enjoy beers and bites form Hop Valley brewing alongside a fire pit, cozy in and Adirondack chair, enjoying the show of participants and the free live music provided by EVO.

No matter your definition of sport, drinks from Hop Valley Brew and live entertainment with the added activities involved in the St. Patrick’s Day Pub Golf can definitely take your holiday celebratory beer drinking activities to the level of sport. You’ve definitely earned those brews, you athlete you!


Recognizing the Women Behind the Brand

March 8th marks International Women’s Day, a global day that celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women. With that being said, we wanted to take a moment and steal some time with one of our female directors at Silverton Casino and pick her brains on the her experience climbing her own career ladder.

Director of Human Resources, Amanda Northrup, had the following advice in regards to balancing career and social life.

Career wise; what were you doing in your 20s?
My early 20s were spent managing group homes for the developmentally disabled in Lincoln, NE while I obtained my undergraduate degree. After I graduated, I decided to make a career change and became a casino operations manager on a river boat in Council Bluffs, IA. The casino industry took me to Black Hawk, CO where I realized my love for operations and helping people was a perfect match for HR. I then joined the world of HR for the later part of my 20s.

What was your “aha!” moment?
My 25th birthday changed my life. I was living in Omaha, NE in a house that I was fortunate enough to buy. I was successful in my career and I was in the middle of getting my masters degree. I thought I had it all. But that evening, I realized I was wrong. I came home from work to an empty house and there were no plans to celebrate. I sat there and wept. I realized right then that life and happiness are about so much more than your career, house, car, or degrees. Life is about enjoying the journey with those you love. From that day forward, I have been very careful to make sure I maintain a healthy balance in all areas of my life.

Did you ever consider or experience a career change?
I started my gaming career in casino operations. I loved operations management so much that I even received an advanced degree in the field. The hours were rough and I was looking to find balance in my personal life. When a Human Resources position became available, I was intrigued. I knew I loved helping people, respected the purpose of HR, and the hours were perfect. It was the best decision I have ever made. A great HR person needs to understand operations, so I feel like I get the best of both worlds.

What is the best advice a manager or mentor gave you?
Its ok to do things at 90% if that means you get more things done than just one perfectly executed thing completed at 100%.

When you’re hiring someone, what’s the number one thing you look for?

What is the last book you read?
Extraordinary Outcomes by Iris Firstenberg

Do you have advice you would like to share or a question for Amanda? We’d love to hear!

Celebrating Like The Big Easy in Sin City

Tomorrow marks the iconic Carnival celebration, Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday where people from all walks of life flood to “The Big Easy”, New Orleans, to celebrate with colorful beads, king’s cake and the spirits to match. If you find yourself in Sin City this year instead of “The Big Easy”, we’ve got some big ways to celebrate and are making it real easy to be a winner tomorrow!

Mardi Gras Beads

Craving some Cajun goodness? There is not a more delicious way to celebrate, and get a taste of Mardi Gras than heading to Seasons Buffet where our new Executive Chef, Ashley Asher is whipping up some traditional New Orleans flare, including craw fish boil, ètoufèe, fried green tomatoes, specialty drinks and more, all while you are engrossed in décor taking you to the lively celebration, straight from the comfort of your table. No crowded plane ride necessary.

Kings Cake

Fat Tuesday also means that players who earn 100 points tomorrow will also have the chance to swipe n’ win up to $1,000 cash as well as a free buffet, free slot play and much more!

So only one questions remains, are you ready to get down Big Easy style?

Last Minute Valentine’s Ideas for the Procrastinator in Love

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, marking a day for sweethearts, couples in relationships, people with a sweet tooth and a wonderful excuse to indulge in a delicious meal or two, all in the name of love, of course. Planning not your thing? We have the perfect last minute solutions sure to fit you and your valentine’s style tomorrow evening.

For the valentine that likes to mix things up outside of the traditional, head on down to Mi Casa Grill Cantina to indulge in fajitas of for two! You’re guaranteed to get some sugar at the end, for dessert that is, with delicious churros to share. Not sweet enough for you? Grab a decadent chocolate raspberry martini to enjoy as well.

Something for the more traditional sweethearts, enjoy a four course meal for two at Twin Creeks Steakhouse. Share an appetizer with your choice of chilled seafood trio or tartlets. For the second course choose between red curry coconut soup or pomegranate mixed greens salad. For the entrée, choose between either a 32 ounce Tomahawk for two, pan roasted Chilean sea bass or black garlic bordelaise filet mignon. Dessert is your choice of tiramisu or pomegranate crème brulee, because everyone knows the real way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach.

Do you and your valentine prefer more quirky fun in lieu of wining and dining? Head to Shady Grove Lounge for some Airstream mini bowling, put bets on who get the next round with a game or two of pool or foosball. Turns out they’re a pool shark? Don’t worry, because did we mention it is also Happy Camper Hoppy Hour? Enjoy drafts for only $2.50 and 50% off all growler refills, not to mention $5 can get you some delicious chicken wings or buffalo empanadas.

How do you plan on spending Valentine’s Day this year?

Science Says Yes to Taking That Selfie

“Selfie” is defined by Merriam-Webster as an image of oneself taken by oneself using a digital camera especially for posting on social networks. In fact, back in 2013 “selfie” found itself Oxford dictionary’s word of the year, and coincidentally a permanent place in pop culture history and on the tip of almost everyone’s tongue.


Last year, a study from University of California, Irvine, stated that taking more smiling selfies increases your chances of happiness. Using a small test group, students documented their mood at the time that they took their selfie while they were smiling; a shot of something that made them happy and a photo of something that they thought would make someone else happy, and then send to that individual. Coincidentally, our own studies show that winning also produces similar results, and greatly increases your chance of happiness as well as that of those around you.

Stars And Selfies

So bust out your selfies sticks, grab a buddy, or go solo and shine with our Stars & Selfies frame and snap away, because if the selfie doesn’t improve your mood, the possibility of walking away a winner definitely should! So please share, tag us, or use #silvertoncasino in all your smiling selfies as you earn entries and a chance to win up to $25,000 cash.

Big Game, Even Bigger Party

The touchdowns have been scored; the fans have cheered and performed every superstitious tradition in the book and the final two teams have fought their way to the Big Game of 2017 in Houston. Are you rooting for the Atlanta Falcons, New England Patriots or simply some awesome commercials this Sunday?

Patriots Falcons

While Las Vegas is already a notable destination, the Big Game has made the likelihood to head to Vegas even larger. Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority have expected nearly 300,000 visitors, spending around $123.9 million in previous years for the Big Game alone. Which means the city pulls out all the stops and everyone is searching for a place to watch the Big Game… and the Sportsbook.

The Sportsbook located inside Silverton Casino is powered by CG Technology with the Tekumi 4mm LED video wall which is 7.5 x53 feet wide, flanked with 6mm LED odds boards that are 5 x 10 feet wide, for maximum exposure. You’ll never miss a play and have

Not matter who you are rooting for, we have the where covered for you! While you may be used to heading to Seasons Buffet for some delicious food, which will still stand true, you’ll also be greeted by multiple larger than screens and sound system, transforming the room into the ultimate viewing party. Now back to the food. We’re talking all-you-can-eat featuring all of your favorite stadium food and snacks to keep you fueled up for the entire game.


The doors are open at 2 p.m. and the TC Martin Show will be hosting throughout the game in addition to giveaways, prize drawings and a chance to win a matching pair of recliners, courtesy of Walker Furniture, the perfect set up for next season’s victories!

Your ticket includes two drinks, in addition to the cash bar on sight with drink specials from Bud Light, Stella Artois, Jim Beam and Tito’s Vodka. The best way to wash down all of your stadium food favorites!

Looking for something a little less than a high energy party, but still want to score with some delicious food and drink specials? Mi Casa Grill Cantina is just what you’re looking for with $5 nachos, hot wings, chicken and beef taquitos, hot dogs with French fries and so much more for some delightful bites during game time! You can’t forget the drink specials including $2 Bud Light drafts, $5 house margaritas and Hornitos tequila flights for only $10.

Mi Casa Taquitos

Follow us on Instagram for your chance to win tickets to our Big Game Party and some Silverton swag!

Celebrating the Year of the Rooster

The Chinese New Year is right around the corner, this weekend to be exact! While we may not be kicking things off with an extensive 15-day celebration or a wild fireworks display, we are always behind celebrating good luck and good fortune in the New Year and every day following! What better way to do just that than with the color red, representing good luck and good fortune? How about if we also throw in a delicious meal that is worth rejoicing in every single bite!

Year of the Rooster

This year, Saturday, January 28th begins the Year of the Rooster! It is no coincidence that it is also is the last day and last chance to participate in Rooster’s Red Envelope Swipe n’ Win! Silverton Rewards Club Members that earn 300 points can play to win up to $5,000 cash, free slot play, points or dining credits! Raising the chances to lucky in this New Year!

Wuhu Noodle

Wuhu Noodle, our Asian inspired, fast, casual restaurant features noodle bowls, wok-fired classics and all of fan favorites. Take your time browsing the menu and even longer to enjoy every bite, whether you are dining in or taking home to share with the family. Is it really a celebration if there isn’t amazing food to bring everyone together? We didn’t think so either!

Those that fall under the Chinese zodiac sign of the Rooster, including the years of 1921, 1933, 1945, 1969,1981, 1993 and most recently 2005, are represented by traits of confidence and intelligence. So you can confidently move forward into this year with high hopes for the future and its good fortune.

Which of the Chinese zodiac sign best represents you?