Silverton in the News:
Sushi Chef Shayne Galan

August 22, 2022

Su CasaWe’re proud to see sushi Chef Shayne Galan of Su Casa Sushi Bar featured in the current issue of Las Vegas Magazine.

We agree with their assessment that Su Casa is a “hidden gem” restaurant in Las Vegas, and Chef Shayne is one of the most brilliant sushi chefs in town.

Says Chef in the article:

“I’m a sushi freak.  I test recipes at home.  Always trying to keep up with the trends.   Watch sushi chefs from Japan on YouTube every night… I don’t feel like my job is a job.  I wake up every day loving what I’m doing.  It’s zen for me.  It calms me.  It’s relaxing.  During service is like an orchestra, everything just flows.  I love being artistic with my sushi.”

See the article about sushi Chef Shayne Galan here.

Congratulations Chef!

Su Casa offers trendy and traditional Asian coastal cuisine with a Latin influence.  Add a little spice to your rice with sushi that’s good for the soul.  This dynamic union of cultures and cuisine marries refreshing favorites like ceviche, sashimi, sushi rolls, ramen, and poke bowls. Good times are destined to be shared, so bring a friend to your home for great sushi.


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