Silverton In the News: Shelf Elf Retirements

July 30, 2022

Christmas is Coming!

Elf on a ShelfAt Silverton HQ, we’re putting the finishing touches on our holiday plans.  Topping the list is the return of BAD ELF, our pop-up bar at Shady Grove.  This over-the-top Christmas spectacle now has a new tagline “For Rebels without a Claus.”  Why not?  This year, the bar will also be home to several retired shelf elves.

As this recent Las Vegas Review-Journal article  shares, we’ve put out a call to parents who are weary of another year of nightly Elf on a Shelf duties — moving the pixie into increasingly creative spots every night.  If you think it’s time for your elf to retire to Las Vegas… we have a spot for him or her.

For more details on Elf Retirements, see our blog post.

For more details on how to reserve BAD ELF for your Las Vegas holiday party, Christmas lunch, or after-work happy hour, please email or call 702.263.7777.



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