One Drunk Puppy and Many Shelter Animals

August 21, 2017

We’re getting all geared up for One Drunk Puppy Wine Tasting Event to benefit The Animal Foundation this Saturday. Sipping wine to help shelter animals, what could be better? Whether you’re there for the wine or to support the wet noses there is no better time to talk about some common myths about beloved shelter dogs.

Here are some common phrases that can be heard when talking about rescuing a dog from the shelter.

“You can’t find a purebred in a shelter”
No breed is immune to ending up in a shelter. Also, many shelters have waiting lists
that alert you if the specific breed you are looking for does turn up.
But before you even commit to a breed, make sure they match with your lifestyle
so you don’t end up being that person that irresponsibly adopts a dog and then
ends up bringing it back to the shelter when things simply don’t work to
compliment your living situation.

“I want a puppy. Shelters have older dogs”
Dogs of all ages can be found in shelters. Yes, there are older dogs as well, but some
prospective owners aren’t equipped to handle the ball of energy, and sometimes destruction, that comes with having a puppy. It may be nice to have dog that is already house trained and just ready to be loved. Loyalty knows no age limit, and more often than not they’re just so eternally grateful to be out of the shelter and headed to a home to be loved.

“I don’t want to pay adoption fees, I want a free dog”
There is absolutely no such thing as a free dog. Even if you manage to rescue a pup
without paying an adoption fee, you have shots, chipping, spay/neutering, food, kennel etc. While the price is subjective on the adoption fee, if you do not have the means to take care of a pet, it’s not fair to them, especially if it means they end up back at the shelter. Dogs are a
lifelong investment.

One Drunk Puppy

While there will not be animals at One Drunk Puppy, we encourage you to visit The Animal Foundation to find your forever friend, or participate in the auction to benefit them and bring home yourself, or if you already have a forever friend, them home something great!


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