What You Need to Know About Cracker Barrel

July 11, 2016

Its official, the fan favorite of down-home fixin’s, Cracker Barrel is joining the Neighborhood! Las Vegas locals rejoice that they will no longer have to take a drive to Arizona or Utah to satisfy their buttermilk biscuit cravings! So pull up a rocker and get to know just a little bit more about Cracker Barrel outside of your favorite menu picks!

Locations, locations, locations! Cracker Barrel has over 630 stores throughout the United States, and the latest is not only the first in Las Vegas, but the first in Nevada opening alongside the Silverton Casino and Bass Pro Shops, Monday, July 25, 2016.  In fact, many are conveniently located close to major highway exits because they used to sell gas as well, since the founder was also working for his grandfather’s gasoline business back in the ‘60s.

All of the memorabilia that decorates the walls, and every other inch of the restaurant, are authentic vintage items. No reproductions are allowed, creating a genuine atmosphere that tips a hat to local history and nostalgia at its finest. In fact, the founder’s son is in charge of finding all the unique artifacts for new locations, and runs his own “Decor Warehouse” filled with over 90,000 artifacts in Tennessee.

In 2013, Cracker Barrel made its way to supermarket shelves so that everyone may prepare some of the traditional country style classics from the comfort of their own kitchen. Yet you may notice that the products have an alternate label that reads “CB Old Country Store” instead of Cracker Barrel. That would be due to an agreement with Kraft as not to confuse consumers with the Cracker Barrel branded cheese products produced by Kraft.

Who hasn’t been made to feel like an “eg-no-ra-moose” by the notorious peg solitaire game that dawns every table? The same company, Qualls and Sons Novelties, has been making the game for the stores since the very beginning. Also, here’s a little helping hand to help impress your friends when you visit.

Welcome to the Neighborhood Cracker Barrel!

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