National Aquarium Month at Silverton Casino

June 20, 2018

The month of June gives us a big reason to celebrate at Silverton Casino… It’s National Aquarium Month! We take pride in the beauty of our 117,000-gallon tank with thousands of tropical fish and our unique coral habitat. Our Aquarium was named “Best Free Attraction in Las Vegas” and we’re not surprised. With our free mermaid shows and interactive stingray feedings, it’s an experience the whole family can enjoy which is what makes Silverton Casino the best family-friendly Vegas destination.

Fifteen feet deep and home to over 100 different species of fish from all over the world including five species of sharks and six species of stingrays, our Aquarium is truly unique. Speaking of stingrays, our daily feedings are interactive and guests have the opportunity to ask questions during the show. The staff marine biologist is equipped with a full-face communication mask and is able to talk to guests from inside the tank while feeding the fish.

Although our stingrays are superstars in the tank during National Aquarium Month, our mermaids tend to steal the show. We have free mermaid shows Thursdays thru Sundays starting at 12 pm. Our mermaids are definitely a favorite with children and families. We love seeing the look on their faces when they see their dreams come true, seeing a real-life mermaid blowing kisses and sending bubble hearts to them! Our mermaids love to interact with the children during shows. They blow kisses, send bubble hearts, create bubble rings, do flips and twists, and even play patty-cake with the kids. If you’re looking for a unique way to have fun quality time with the family, look no further than our Aquarium.

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Now, let’s get technical. It requires years of skill and experience to become one of our mermaids. Most of our mermaids come from synchronized swimming and performing backgrounds and all are scuba-certified. With weighted fins, they have to swim gracefully in the tank with the sea life, find their air supplies and interact with guests. Our mermaids breathe compressed air from a surface supply and perform for about 15 minutes.

It’s a pretty challenging feat, yet with all eyes on them, our mermaids still pull it off. Former mermaid and now Aquarist, Ariana Luizzi expresses the reason why she loves being a mermaid by saying, “The best part of my job is that there are no bad days here. For me, the water has always made me feel the most at peace.”



We also have a couple more Aquariums on property aside from our main Aquarium. Can you tell we’re obsessed with sea life here at Silverton Casino? Inside Mermaid Lounge, where you also get a stunning view of the main Aquarium, is a 500-gallon jellyfish tank lit with changing lights. What a mesmerizing experience it is to sip a cocktail and stare into the jellyfish tank—it’s truly relaxing. Bass Pro Shops is also home to freshwater aquariums and an 18,000-gallon waterfall with live Koi, trout, bass and more.


Our Aquarium experience doesn’t stop with mermaid shows and viewings. You can actually get into the tank yourself! Our Aquarium is available for weddings for those daring couples who aren’t afraid to get their feet wet. Say “I Do” with the sea life and coral providing an incredible backdrop to one of the most unforgettable experiences. For those who prefer to stay dry, you can also book the front of the Aquarium for your ceremony with the beautiful 117,000-gallon tank as your backdrop.


Celebrate National Aquarium Month with us and create unforgettable memories with family and friends.

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