Make Your Fantasies Come True This Football Season

July 24, 2017

It’s about that time, that special time of year when the seasons change…. No, no, no the leaves aren’t changing and it’s not quite fall yet! When we say season we’re talking about arguably the best season of all, football season! It’s that time once more to gather your crew and host the ultimate fantasy football draft party!

You’ve done your research, you have your crew and now it’s time to take on the draft. Why not make it an event? We know just the place to hook up everyone, even if the draft doesn’t go in their favor, if you have 10 or more friends joining everyone gets unlimited wings, hot dogs, meatball sliders, kettle chips and the first pitcher of Miller Lite is on us. Everyone wins with those odds.

The toughest decision has to be Shady Grove Lounge or Mermaid Lounge to host all your friends. Shady Grove Lounge has the perfect set up for a quick game of mini bowling or a game or two of pool, or there is Mermaid Lounge has well, real life mermaids. Who knows, maybe you can convince one of them to join your team, we hear mermaids have quite the instinct for these kinds of things.

Whomever you draft or whichever place you choose to host your draft, we’re sure you won’t be disappointed in at least one of those difficult decisions. How are we so sure about that? Well you see, one of those choices guarantees you free beer, and that is never disappointing.

For all the details and to reserve your spot now, give us a call at 702-914-8569.

Draft Parties

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