A Girl’s Summer Vacation at Silverton Casino

August 6, 2018

Does scrolling through the Instagram feeds of your favorite travel bloggers and friends on vacation have you wanting to get away for a little this summer, even for just a weekend? You’ve worked hard all year but you don’t want to spend a fortune on the Vegas experience. Whether it be a staycation or a full-on break, let Silverton Casino handle your perfect Vegas experience on an affordable budget.

You don’t have to stay on The Las Vegas Strip to enjoy VIP status. Our summer hotel rates are discounted up to 30% off and run through the end of September. Just because you’re on a budget, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice exceptional service and quality. Our Hotel offers luxury suites and updated rooms for that modern rustic feel. Although we’re off The Strip, we’re conveniently close to the airport and highways. But, if you didn’t road trip to Vegas, you can always take advantage of our complimentary shuttle service available to Hotel guests to/from the airport. Or, you can wait for your ride in comfort at our LYFT Lounge.

You’ve booked your summer stay and finally get to Vegas, check-in, and drop off your luggage at the room. You lay down on our extremely comfortable bed and start to doze off (yes, it’s like you’re sleeping on clouds!)… But you jolt awake—now is not the time to doze off when there’s so much to do! But what to do first?

Barefoot Bucket

Take a walk downstairs to Sway Pool, where you can spend a peaceful summer afternoon basking in the sun. Grab a couple of specialty cocktails from the bar or a whole bucket of wine spritzers and relax. This is your self-care time and nothing can spoil it. Hungry for lunch but looking for something quick but not quite “fast food”? Walk to WuHu Noodle for authentic Chinese served in a casual setting, perfect for those who want a simple yet delicious lunch. The dim sum menu is to die for, but so are their classic wok entrées! As you’re finishing up your late lunch, you decide to catch a LYFT to spend a few hours on The Strip, electing to go at night to avoid the intense desert heat.

Steamed Dumpling

After a fun night on The Strip, you choose to take it easy the next day. You play a little bit of our $5 Blackjack and happen to spy the large Aquarium you passed by on the way in. You cash out and make your way towards the stunning aquarium.

Your curiosity leads you inside and you wander the flagship 165,000 square-foot Outdoor World for a while, finding the best deals on camping gear and activewear. For a millisecond, you might have even considered buying a boat. On your way out with your bags of athletic wear and goodies, you have a sudden craving for an afternoon pick-me-up. Make your way over to Sundance Grill for their Gelato Bar and treat yourself to an ice-cold sweet treat.

Dinner is at Mi Casa Grill Cantina and you just so happen to drop by during happy hour. While sampling small plates, you sip on your margarita and enjoy a quality experience at half the price. While giving the menu a second look, the new Twin Creeks Steakhouse menu catches your eye and you decide on the Halibut. You could not have made a better choice—healthy and indulgent at the same time and very forgiving after those two scoops of gelato.

Cauliflower Steak

Relaxing at Sway Pool is all that’s on the itinerary for the next couple days until you check out, and we can’t blame you. You bask in the sun and breathe in while thinking, “This is the life.”

You could have this experience at Silverton Casino. Book your getaway with us today.

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