Behind the Veil: Backyard Bonfire Country Music Artists

March 27, 2017

Veil Pavilion has set the scene for diverse walks of talent, a plethora of talented singers, hilarious comedians, even countless smack downs throughout the years. Most recently it is setting the scene for the Backyard Bonfire Country Concert Series presented by Bass Pro Shops, that is kicking off next Thursday, and with so much going on main stage we wanted to take you Behind the Veil to learn a little bit more about some of the artists that are making their own mark on Veil in the near future, while you are singing along and cashing in some amazing Miller Lite specials!

As mentioned before, the Backyard Bonfire kicks off next week with none other than country music star, Joe Nichols. While many know his variety of hits starting with “The Impossible”, the ever famous “Tequila Makes her Clothes Fall Off” and most recently “Undone”, how much do you know about the artist himself?

Joe Nichols

Nichols actually made his debut, self-titled album, at the age of 19 with an independent label back in 1996, long before “The Impossible” took off in 2002. Surprising for most, back in 2005, Nichols flew to the Bahamas to perform “I’ll Wait for You” and “On the Wing of a Dove” at former Playboy Playmate, Anna Nicole Smith’s funeral at the request of her attorney, who stated he was one of her favorite singers.

The following week, Craig Campbell takes the stage with his many hits including “ Keep Them Kisses Comin’”, “Fish” and “Family Man” just to name a few. Early in his career Campbell actually played piano for Luke Bryan’s band, the country superstar encouraged Campbell to become a songwriter. Fun fact, Campbell’s song “Outta My Head” was actually supposed to be recorded by Scotty McCreery, but was accidently sent to Campbell instead. Lucky for Campbell, he was able to sweet talk McCreery into letting him record the song instead; the rest is music to our ears.

Craig Campbell

Be sure to check back to learn more about upcoming artists for our Backyard Bonfire Concert Series presented by Bass Pro Shops, and much more.

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