Looking Back on Back to School in Las Vegas

August 29, 2016

This week marks the first day of school for many Las Vegas students from pre-kindergarten all the way to the university level. As those entering first grade, class of 2028, look towards the future, we look back on some notable memories and fun facts involving the schools in the Las Vegas Valley.

Las Vegas High School is the oldest high school in Las Vegas originally opening in 1931 on the outskirts of the town. The Wildcats moved to a new campus in 1993. Notable graduates include Lieutenant William Harrell Nellis, for whom Nellis Air Force Base is named after, and Bruce Woodbury, American attorney and politician, as well as the namesake of the Bruce Woodbury Beltway in part to his service to the country.

University of Nevada, Las Vegas didn’t’ always have the beloved Hey Reb! as their mascot. The first official Rebel mascot was Beauregard, back when UNLV was called Nevada Southern University, a branch of University of Nevada, Reno.  Originally Beauregard was a wolf dressed in a grey Civil War-era field jacket and confederate cap representing the South. This was in response to Reno’s Wolf Pack mascot in the North, mimicking a playful civil war between the two Nevada universities. You can find a painting of Beauregard on the oak hardwood basketball floor of the old University gymnasium, which has since become the Barrick Museum.

Additionally, artist Mike Miller only charged UNLV a single dollar to design Hey Reb!, first appearing in 1983.

So whether you’re a student returning to university or a parent sending your child off for the first time we wish you a wonderful year! Join us at Sundance afterwards to share everything that you’ve learned, or anytime during the year, (late night study-sesh?) we’re open 24/7 and have coffee ready!

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