Behind the Veil: Backyard Bonfire Country Music Artists Continued

April 17, 2017

The Backyard Bonfire Country Concert Series present by Bass Pro Shops is halfway through with amazing artists taking the stage such as Joe Nichols and Craig Campbell. This week Ricochet takes over with Little Texas hitting the stage the following Thursday, so let’s take another look Behind the Veil to learn more about these amazing artists headed to Veil Pavilion in April.

Ricochet, whose members currently include Heath Wright, Chris Hempfling, Steve Hamby, Larry Hight and Matt Harelik takes the stage on April 20th. Ricochet is the only country artist to ever chart the National Anthem. An unfortunate fact is that the original drummer and co-founder of the group, Jeff Bryant was replaced do to a bout of carpal tunnel syndrome. Country music enthusiasts may be familiar with Jeff’s nephew, Chase Bryant, the Take It On Back singer as well. In 2014, bassist Greg Cook left the band to become the Tour Manager to the swiftly rising band known as The Swon Brothers after their successful season on The Voice. In the beginning Ricochet toured as a supporting act for Merle Haggard, Doug Stone and Charlie Daniel increasing their exposure to country music fans, skyrocketing them to the band we know today.


Little Texas was ironically founded in Nashville, Tennessee in 1988. The current members include Porter Howell, Dwayne O’Brien, Duane Propes and Del Gray. Arguably the band’s most popular song God Blessed Texas was actually a different beast called The Eyes of Texas before becoming the hit that we all can’t help but to sing along to every time we hear today. While God may have blessed Texas, Little Texas is actually located in Macon County in Alabama with the last population count reaching 1,240 residents in 2015.

Little Texas

So join us this April, grab a Miller Lite and a seat, or your spot on the dance floor, for another evening of good times and great music!

Be sure to check back to learn more about upcoming artists and all the fun coming to Veil Pavilion in the very near future.

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