Reopening After COVID-19 For Off Strip Casino

As of: May 18, 2020 – 11:00 am (PST)
Additional updates will be made available on this page.


Silverton Casino Hotel is temporarily closed due to COVID-19, however, we are focused on new and stringent protocols that will be rolled out upon reopening as recommended by the Nevada Gaming Control Board and the CDC. The guidelines include multiple new initiatives developed to help to keep guests and team members as safe as possible.  We will have Silverton Sanitizers wearing bright orange-colored collared shirts that will be prominent throughout the property.  Here’s what to expect when we reopen (date to be determined by the Governor of the state of Nevada.)

  • Temperature checks for all guests and team members prior to entry. Any guest or team member with a temperature above CDC guidelines will not be allowed entry.
  • Team members will be required to wear masks or cloth face coverings that meet CDC guidelines, and guests are highly encouraged to wear a mask while visiting. Masks will be provided to guests, as needed.
  • All slot and video reel machines will be reconfigured to help ensure social distancing on the casino floor.
  • Table Games will have three seats maximum and four players maximum at dice and roulette tables. Guests will be encouraged to wear a mask while playing at the tables.
  • Every other bartop machine will be out of service at all casino bars and lounges.
  • New Plexiglas barriers will be installed at guest service areas.
  • Signage will be posted throughout the hotel and casino to encourage social distancing and health and safety guidelines.
  • The Silverton Sanitizers team members will be focused on cleaning and disinfecting surfaces throughout the property, with special emphasis on high-touch surfaces and common areas.
  • Hand-sanitizing stations will be available on the casino floor, at the entrances, and throughout the resort.
  • An overall 50 percent reduction in guest capacity throughout the resort.
  • We will honor all TITO and other amounts owed to patrons during the closure period at the prorated number of days based on the March 17th closure date; for example, the standard expiration period is 180 days, and a TITO ticket was issued on March 16, 2020, the patron will still have 180 days to redeem the ticket, from the opening date.

Sundance Grill, Mi Casa Grill Cantina, and Starbucks will be open with social distancing requirements in place.  All other restaurants will be closed until further notice.  At reopening, two of the four floors of the hotel will be available for guests. Sway Pool will be open to hotel guests only at half capacity, no bar service, every other cabana available, and socially distanced seating. Veil Pavilion will remain closed until further notice.

Entrances to Silverton Casino will be limited to: 1) main entrance valet 2) parking garage vestibule
All other entrances to the casino will be closed.

Parking will be limited to the parking garage or the parking lot adjacent to The Berkley, Las Vegas.  The parking area behind the hotel will no longer be available to the public.  Valet services will not be available until further notice.


The NFR Dress Code

Calling all cowgirls and cowboys—the “Super Bowl of Rodeo” is just around the corner! We’ve got plenty of fun planned this December at our free NFR viewing parties featuring live entertainment, giveaways, food and drink specials, and more. We’re already planning what we’ll be wearing to this Western soirée. Expect lots of denim, faux suede, mineral necklaces, and of course, the essential cowboy boots and hats!

Let’s discuss the dress code for men which follows an elevated cowboy look that allows you to show off your best digs. Wrangler jeans are a must! Pair the jeans with a crisp plaid or paisley double-pocket shirt like the one pictured below which combines utility and style. A durable leather belt with a steel buckle adds flair to the denim. Whether you prefer black or brown leather, the belt absolutely needs an eye-catching buckle. Accessories are key! Fresh cowboy boots and a classic wide-brimmed cowboy hat should complete your Western look. Take the classic route with brown leather embroidered square-toe boots unless you prefer to sacrifice functionality for style with trendy pointed-toe boots.

NFR Dress Code

Western-wear for women encompasses a whole genre of style. There are so many options. You can go modern with the Western Revival trend which involves flowy bohemian dresses and sleeker pieces or go for the classic cowgirl look involving denim, suede, turquoise accessories, and leather. Or you can combine both styles as shown below. Having a hard time finding a good selection of Western dresses? Check out the Dillard’s online Western Revival Boutique—it’s a one-stop shop with a selection of almost 100 dresses to choose from! Whether you choose to rock the denim look or the trendy flowy dresses, staple pieces like wide-brimmed hats and cowgirl boots are essential to complete this NFR-ready look.

NFR Dress CodeNFR Dress Code

Accessories make the outfit. Boot Barn has an incredible selection of cowgirl hats offered at decent prices. But if you’re looking for a trendier look, check out Lack of Color for sleek and modern wool cowgirl hats. Choose from a large variety of stylish cowgirl boots from Boot Barn. You can go for an understated stacked-heel leather boot to complement your look, or an intricate embroidered snip-toe boot to accent your outfit. The possibilities are endless! Finish the look with turquoise and silver jewelry and you’re ready to party!

Silverton Casino is throwing a huge NFR party from December 6 through December 15. Join us at Veil Pavilion to watch the 60th annual Wrangler NFR from 6:30pm to midnight. Our viewing parties include prizes, giveaways, food and drink specials, 360° viewing, and more. Live entertainment is available nightly. Performing artists include Ned LeDoux, Chris Heers, Easy 8’s, Gregor Ross, Kevin Fowler, and Randy Brown. Join us for this exciting week as the fashion plate in Western-wear.

Meals with a Mermaid at Silverton Casino’s Aquarium

“Who says that my dreams have to stay just my dreams?” – Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

You no longer have to dream big, little mermaid. Long gone are the days when you would wonder how it would be to have brunch with a mermaid. One of the best free attractions in Las Vegas is now offering Meals with a Mermaid, a unique dining experience available only at Silverton Casino. It’s the perfect activity for families or for those who just want to fulfill their childhood fairytale wishes.

Our Aquarium is a very special Las Vegas fixture. This 117,000-gallon tank is home to thousands of tropical fish including stingrays, smaller sharks, and the occasional Dory and Nemo. Tourists and locals flock to our Aquarium for free mermaid shows, the daily interactive stingray feedings, or to simply breathe in the view and relax. But our guests aren’t the only ones having fun. Our mermaids have fun on the job every day. Former mermaid (now Aquarist) Ariana Liuzzi says, “The best thing about my job is that there [are] no bad days here… The water has always made me feel the most at peace and [happiest].”


The mermaids interact with children and guests, pose for photos, put on a fun and engaging 15-minute show, all while swimming in a weighted tail. Most of our mermaids come from synchronized swimming backgrounds so it’s not hard for them to swim gracefully while only having a five oxygen hoses hidden in the coral as their air supply. Some of their signature moves are bubble kisses, flips, and twirls. Each mermaid tail is custom-fitted and we have several pretty patterns and colors. It’s always such a pleasure to see the look on children’s faces when they see the tip of the mermaid tail pop up in the water—that’s the cue that the show is about to begin.

What sets our new Meals with a Mermaid apart from our usual free mermaid show is that it’s a unique experience catered just for you. You dine on breakfast or brunch while having a mermaid dedicated to entertaining and interacting with you and your party. During the meal, you’re welcome to go up to one of the Aquarium glass panels left open so you can take photos and videos with the mermaids. There are usually two mermaids in the tank during the meal, which is a different experience from the usual free mermaid show. The menu is currently comprised of classic breakfast foods like pancakes, turkey club, and country fried steak. In October, the menu will be shifting to a breakfast buffet offering more choices.

Silverton Aquarium; Mermaid Breakfast

Football, Food & Free Slot Play

Sports lovers unite—football season is here! Whether you’ve already done your fantasy football drafts or are just planning a last-minute draft party, you can’t deny the excitement and adrenaline-pumping fun associated with a true football fan cheering on his or her favorite team. Silverton Casino has a couple ways to add to the fun like special football-themed menus and an interactive gaming promotion at our bars.

Football, food, and beer make for the perfect trifecta. Check out our Football Specials available all season-long at Mi Casa Grill Cantina, Mermaid Lounge, and Shady Grove Lounge, the three best places to catch your game. Mi Casa Grill Cantina features a Mexican twist on traditional game day food. Expect carne asada fries, Mexican-inspired sliders, Mexican street dogs with chorizo and guac, and more yumminess.

Football Food & Drink Specials

If you’re looking for some classic game-day food, then Mermaid Lounge is your go-to place all season long. Try their smothered tailgate nachos, loaded chili dog, or the juicy honey chicken sliders. Got your mouth watering yet? If the game is getting a bit too stressful for you, take a breather and enjoy our jellyfish tank at the bar or the view of the Aquarium.

We also have the Total Game Experience package for only $30 at Shady Grove Lounge for those hungry for an all-you-can-eat and drink deal. Have all the chicken wings, pizza, and sub sandwiches until your heart (and stomach) are content! Watching the game with friends? Shady Grove Lounge is the perfect place for a gathering of football fans. Airstream bowling, giant Jenga, and giant Connect Four can keep you occupied on those long commercial breaks.

Pub Trivia

Aside from the fantastic football food, we also have a bar top gaming promotion. This one doesn’t require a Hail Mary to win. Get a natural four-of-a-kind to receive the pigskin and whoever has it at the end of the quarter wins $50 free slot play. Winners also get an entry into the season-long drawing for an ultimate football prize package. The winner will receive two recliners from Walker Furniture, a 60″ flat screen TV, and other prizes to create the best man cave or she shed. Be a part of the game and Pass the Pigskin the next time you’re playing video poker at our bars on Mondays & Thursdays during NFL games (available at Mermaid Lounge, Mi Casa Grill Cantina, Flare Bar, and Shady Grove Bar).

Are you ready for some football?

A Girl’s Summer Vacation at Silverton Casino

Does scrolling through the Instagram feeds of your favorite travel bloggers and friends on vacation have you wanting to get away for a little this summer, even for just a weekend? You’ve worked hard all year but you don’t want to spend a fortune on the Vegas experience. Whether it be a staycation or a full-on break, let Silverton Casino handle your perfect Vegas experience on an affordable budget.

You don’t have to stay on The Las Vegas Strip to enjoy VIP status. Our summer hotel rates are discounted up to 30% off and run through the end of September. Just because you’re on a budget, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice exceptional service and quality. Our Hotel offers luxury suites and updated rooms for that modern rustic feel. Although we’re off The Strip, we’re conveniently close to the airport and highways. But, if you didn’t road trip to Vegas, you can always take advantage of our complimentary shuttle service available to Hotel guests to/from the airport. Or, you can wait for your ride in comfort at our LYFT Lounge.

You’ve booked your summer stay and finally get to Vegas, check-in, and drop off your luggage at the room. You lay down on our extremely comfortable bed and start to doze off (yes, it’s like you’re sleeping on clouds!)… But you jolt awake—now is not the time to doze off when there’s so much to do! But what to do first?

Barefoot Bucket

Take a walk downstairs to Sway Pool, where you can spend a peaceful summer afternoon basking in the sun. Grab a couple of specialty cocktails from the bar or a whole bucket of wine spritzers and relax. This is your self-care time and nothing can spoil it. Hungry for lunch but looking for something quick but not quite “fast food”? Walk to WuHu Noodle for authentic Chinese served in a casual setting, perfect for those who want a simple yet delicious lunch. The dim sum menu is to die for, but so are their classic wok entrées! As you’re finishing up your late lunch, you decide to catch a LYFT to spend a few hours on The Strip, electing to go at night to avoid the intense desert heat.

Steamed Dumpling

After a fun night on The Strip, you choose to take it easy the next day. You play a little bit of our $5 Blackjack and happen to spy the large Aquarium you passed by on the way in. You cash out and make your way towards the stunning aquarium.

Your curiosity leads you inside and you wander the flagship 165,000 square-foot Outdoor World for a while, finding the best deals on camping gear and activewear. For a millisecond, you might have even considered buying a boat. On your way out with your bags of athletic wear and goodies, you have a sudden craving for an afternoon pick-me-up. Make your way over to Sundance Grill for their Gelato Bar and treat yourself to an ice-cold sweet treat.

Dinner is at Mi Casa Grill Cantina and you just so happen to drop by during happy hour. While sampling small plates, you sip on your margarita and enjoy a quality experience at half the price. While giving the menu a second look, the new Twin Creeks Steakhouse menu catches your eye and you decide on the Halibut. You could not have made a better choice—healthy and indulgent at the same time and very forgiving after those two scoops of gelato.

Cauliflower Steak

Relaxing at Sway Pool is all that’s on the itinerary for the next couple days until you check out, and we can’t blame you. You bask in the sun and breathe in while thinking, “This is the life.”

You could have this experience at Silverton Casino. Book your getaway with us today.

It’s Shark Week!

Shark Week holds a very special place in our hearts. As you know, our Aquarium is one of the best free attractions in Las Vegas and we constantly add new fish and species to our ecosystem. Did you know that we have a few sharks, too? Our Aquarium, which holds over 117,000 gallons of water, is home to thousands of tropical fish. It’s also home to four different kinds of sharks. Sure, they’re not the large predatory kind that pops into your head when you think of sharks, but they’re a cute bunch! In honor of Shark Week, we’re introducing to you the sharks in our Aquarium.

White-spotted Bamboo Shark (Chiloscyllium plagiosum)

White-Spotted Bamboo Shark

Found in the Pacific Ocean, this docile shark can grow up to three feet in length and can be found primarily near the Indo-West Pacific Ocean regions of Madagascar, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Japan and the Philippines. Since they’re smaller sharks, they prefer living in shallow tropical reefs. Their slender bodies allow them to glide between coral branches and hide in the small crevices of reefs.

The white-spotted bamboo shark is also known as “cat sharks” because their nasal barbels look like cat whiskers. These “whiskers” help them locate food in the sand. In the ocean, their diet consists of shrimp, small fish, and crab. These nocturnal predators usually scour the sea bottom for food. In our Aquarium, our white-spotted bamboo sharks are fed shrimp, squid, smelt, and mackerel. We also have albino versions of this shark which lacks the brown coloration and are completely white. Watch our Aquatics team feed them below.


California Horn Shark (Heterodontus francisci)

This California horn shark is a sluggish species with edges above the eyes and a pig-like snout and belongs to the bullhead shark family. They can grow up to three feet in length and are unique because of the small horn that grows right in front of their dorsal fins. These sluggish and nocturnal creatures hunt food closer to shore at night and return to their familiar resting place during the day.

California Horn Shark

These horn sharks are not considered a threat to humans because of their small size and teeth structure. They can live more than a decade and are usually fed shrimp, squid, smelt, and mackerel in our Aquarium. In the wild, they usually feed on shrimp, crab, sea urchins, and small fishes. Primarily found in warm-temperate waters, these sharks are found in the eastern Pacific Ocean from central California to the Gulf of California. We’ve named our California horn shark, Bruce. Say hello to him near the bubble window at our Aquarium where he likes to rest during the day.

Japanese Leopard Shark (Triakis scyllium)

Leopard Shark

The Japanese leopard shark can grow up to five feet in length, which makes it the largest shark in our Aquarium. Their maximum lifespan is about 30 years but can live up to 20 years in captivity in aquariums. These shark “homebodies” usually remain in the same area for much of their lives and are most common in shallow water, usually following the tide onto mudflats to forage for food. They feed on animals that live in mud, like crabs, shrimp, octopuses and small fish. In our Aquarium, our leopard shark is usually fed shrimp, squid, smelt, mackerel.

These sharks can be found primarily in the northwest Pacific Ocean near shallow waters, but in our Aquarium they can be found swimming near the front of the coral and guests will usually see him at the 1:30 pm stingray feedings. Leopard sharks are the most common species of shark in San Francisco Bay. However, last year hundreds of leopard sharks were found dead in the San Francisco Bay. This mass mortality event could have been caused by meningitis because of a fungal bloom in the stagnant shallow water where they usually reside.


Coral Catshark (Atelomycterus marmoratus)

Coral Catshark

The coral catshark can grow up to two feet in length, making it the smallest shark in our Aquarium. This shark derives its name from its cat-like eyes and slender body. Surprisingly, little is known about the biology of this specific catshark. Primarily found in the Indo-West Pacific from Pakistan to New Guinea, the coral catshark thrives in coral reefs, living in crevices and holes in the reef. Our shark likes to hide in the corals and rockwork as well!

In the ocean, this shark feeds off small, bottom-living invertebrates and bony fishes. In our Aquarium, it is fed shrimp, squid, smelt, and mackerel. Despite its small size, these sharks are semi-aggressive and active swimmers, spending much of their time in caves and crevices. The coral catshark is recognized as one of the best species of shark for a home aquarium.


Shark Eggs in our Aquarium

Here’s a white-spotted bamboo shark egg. Our albino and spotted bamboo sharks have been mating in our Aquarium and have laid eggs. The female will lay her eggs in the Aquarium and our staff usually find them wrapped around coral pieces. The juvenile will hatch at about 14 to 15 weeks and be around six inches. Since we also have albino bamboo sharks in our Aquarium, it’ll be a surprise for us to see if the hatchling will be standard coloration or also albino.

Watch as the baby shark wriggles inside the egg below.


Visit our Aquarium for free mermaid shows and our daily stingray feedings. If you spot one of our sharks, don’t be afraid to wave hello.

Cheers to 21 Years

We’re celebrating our 21st Birthday this July! We have a lot going on at Silverton Casino this month, so get excited and celebrate with us!

Silverton Casino was established on July 1, 1997. Formerly Boomtown Las Vegas, owner Ed Roski renovated the resort and themed it as a rustic lodge. Several additions to the property took place over the years, adding the flagship Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World, restaurants, casino space, and our very own Starbucks. You can say we’ve grown quite a lot in our 21 years. And we can’t wait to see how much more we’ll be growing next year!

Now, let’s talk about how we’re celebrating our 21st birthday. With special birthday menus, birthday pop up parties, and gaming promotions, we’re staying busy all month long! We’re also rolling out with a special happy hour at Shady Grove Lounge for the ladies. It’s definitely a fun-filled month at Silverton Casino and we want nothing more than for you to join the fun.

Kicking off this birth month are our special birthday menus at all of our restaurants. And guess what? All specials are only $21! Seasons Buffet is featuring an 8 oz. grilled New York Steak and bottomless Miller Lite Drafts for dinner. Drop by for authentic Chinese takeout at WuHu Noodle—they’re offering a special combination of starter, entrée, and fountain drink. Don’t forget to try their new dim sum selection while you’re there! If you’re feeling like wine and lighter hors-d’oeuvres, try our special at Twin Creeks Steakhouse. This menu features wine samplers and appetizer pairings, perfect as a first course with family and friends. Sundance Grill is offering a classic dish of 10 oz. Prime Rib with shrimp and mashed potatoes. You can never go wrong with steak and potatoes! Our lounges, Shady Grove and Mermaid are featuring a pizza or a dozen wings, and a bucket of 4 Miller Lite bottles for only $21! It’s perfect for sharing with friends while watching your favorite sports games at our bars. And finally, Mi Casa Grill Cantina is featuring an incredible deal for $21. Choose your appetizer, two choices of tacos, and dessert. Now, that’s a great three-course meal! We hope you’ll be dining with us as we celebrate our 21st birthday with all of you!

Miller Lite

Aside from special menus, we’re also hosting a boozy pop-up party because a 21st birthday celebration isn’t complete without the booze. Join us at Shady Grove Lounge on Saturday, July 21 from 2 pm to 5 pm for free boozy cupcakes. Now, that’s our kind of sweet treat! While you’re at Shady Grove Lounge, feel free to invite all your friends for a round of Airstream bowling, giant Jenga, or giant Connect Four. For those who would prefer to have a ladies happy hour, drop by from 5 pm to 7 pm daily—ladies drink free! Our new happy hour at Shady Grove Lounge also features a special menu starting at $8.

Silverton Rewards

We’re also giving away commemorative beach towels to players who hit a jackpot of $2,100 or more on any machine and players who get a suited Blackjack on table games. Additionally, we’re giving away these beach towels to guests who turn 21 years old this July! Simply sign up for a Silverton Rewards Card and get a free beach towel.

Now, that’s one heaping birthday celebration! We’ll see you soon!

National Steakhouse Month at Twin Creeks Steakhouse

June is a special month for Silverton Casino. Not only is it National Aquarium Month, it’s also National Steakhouse Month. It’s the perfect time to celebrate our award-winning Twin Creeks Steakhouse. This budget-friendly steak and seafood venue has plenty of dining promotions and does not sacrifice quality for value. Our friendly guest service, affordable pricing, inviting ambiance, and prime food are what set us apart from your usual Vegas steakhouse.


Twin Creeks Steakhouse offers a lot of value for your dollar. With happy hour specials, prix fixe menus, and half-off wine night, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. The uniqueness of Twin Creeks Steakhouse stems from their dynamic seasonal menus and openness to accommodate all diets. Chef Jaimee Pepe, Executive Room Chef of Twin Creeks Steakhouse, wants everyone to be able to enjoy their dining experience. Her forward-thinking attitude toward food trends allows Twin Creeks Steakhouse to cater to all appetites. She’s developed an entire plant-based menu with gluten-free options available which makes this restaurant a unique venue offering both classic steakhouse food as well as fresher, lighter options.

Twin Creeks

Twin Creeks’ new plant-based menu is a vegetarian’s dream. Entrées include a vegan butternut squash risotto and a hearty cauliflower steak. Of course, omissions can be made to menu items for different diets. Chef Jaimee Pepe has made her new plant-based menu truly customizable. The goal was to cater to all diets so everyone dines happily. And she doesn’t sacrifice the flavor for the healthiness of the dish. Her cauliflower steak is rubbed with her signature steak seasoning and grilled to get that smoky flavor steak lovers enjoy. Salivate over the baby beets and housemade burrata salad. Chef creates burrata and pasta in-house. So much love and care go into each dish on her menu.

Twin Creeks

If you’re looking for an outstanding meal without breaking the bank, the three-course finest menu offering would be the best option. For only $39, you get a choice of starter, entrée, and dessert. Starters include house greens, Caesar salad, or loaded potato soup. Entrées are a 12 oz. Prime Rib, Brick Chicken, Rosemary Brined Pork Chops, or Salmon. And to finish off the meal is a mini Créme Brûlée. Exceptional food at an affordable price—it doesn’t get any better than this.

And there are still more ways you can celebrate National Steakhouse Month at Twin Creeks Steakhouse. We joined Las Vegas Restaurant Week once again to benefit Three Square Food Bank and help feed families in need. The $50 three-course menu includes a chilled spring pea soup or house-made burrata as starters, filet of beef medallions, brick chicken, or seared halibut as entrée choices, and creamy pannacotta or chocolate lava cake for dessert. This incredible three-course menu is one you won’t want to miss. While you dine on these delectable dishes, you’re also helping Three Square Food Bank end hunger in Southern Nevada. Dine out and help out.

Restaurant Week

Have we convinced you yet? Celebrate National Steakhouse Month at Twin Creeks Steakhouse.


National Aquarium Month at Silverton Casino

The month of June gives us a big reason to celebrate at Silverton Casino… It’s National Aquarium Month! We take pride in the beauty of our 117,000-gallon tank with thousands of tropical fish and our unique coral habitat. Our Aquarium was named “Best Free Attraction in Las Vegas” and we’re not surprised. With our free mermaid shows and interactive stingray feedings, it’s an experience the whole family can enjoy which is what makes Silverton Casino the best family-friendly Vegas destination.

Fifteen feet deep and home to over 100 different species of fish from all over the world including five species of sharks and six species of stingrays, our Aquarium is truly unique. Speaking of stingrays, our daily feedings are interactive and guests have the opportunity to ask questions during the show. The staff marine biologist is equipped with a full-face communication mask and is able to talk to guests from inside the tank while feeding the fish.

Although our stingrays are superstars in the tank during National Aquarium Month, our mermaids tend to steal the show. We have free mermaid shows Thursdays thru Sundays starting at 12 pm. Our mermaids are definitely a favorite with children and families. We love seeing the look on their faces when they see their dreams come true, seeing a real-life mermaid blowing kisses and sending bubble hearts to them! Our mermaids love to interact with the children during shows. They blow kisses, send bubble hearts, create bubble rings, do flips and twists, and even play patty-cake with the kids. If you’re looking for a unique way to have fun quality time with the family, look no further than our Aquarium.

Now, let’s get technical. It requires years of skill and experience to become one of our mermaids. Most of our mermaids come from synchronized swimming and performing backgrounds and all are scuba-certified. With weighted fins, they have to swim gracefully in the tank with the sea life, find their air supplies and interact with guests. Our mermaids breathe compressed air from a surface supply and perform for about 15 minutes.

It’s a pretty challenging feat, yet with all eyes on them, our mermaids still pull it off. Former mermaid and now Aquarist, Ariana Luizzi expresses the reason why she loves being a mermaid by saying, “The best part of my job is that there are no bad days here. For me, the water has always made me feel the most at peace.”

We also have a couple more Aquariums on property aside from our main Aquarium. Can you tell we’re obsessed with sea life here at Silverton Casino? Inside Mermaid Lounge, where you also get a stunning view of the main Aquarium, is a 500-gallon jellyfish tank lit with changing lights. What a mesmerizing experience it is to sip a cocktail and stare into the jellyfish tank—it’s truly relaxing. Bass Pro Shops is also home to freshwater aquariums and an 18,000-gallon waterfall with live Koi, trout, bass and more.

Our Aquarium experience doesn’t stop with mermaid shows and viewings. You can actually get into the tank yourself! Our Aquarium is available for weddings for those daring couples who aren’t afraid to get their feet wet. Say “I Do” with the sea life and coral providing an incredible backdrop to one of the most unforgettable experiences. For those who prefer to stay dry, you can also book the front of the Aquarium for your ceremony with the beautiful 117,000-gallon tank as your backdrop.

Celebrate National Aquarium Month with us and create unforgettable memories with family and friends.

Celebrating Memorial Day


Celebrated since 1868, Memorial Day is a federal holiday observed as a day of remembrance to honor those who have died serving the American armed forces. The long Memorial Day Weekend provides plenty of time to celebrate the freedoms they fought for. Here are some ways you and your family can observe this holiday and enjoy the long weekend.

Wet’n’Wild: Slide Into Summer Event


Kick off Memorial Day Weekend at Wet’n’Wild where the whole family can enjoy a 20-acre water park featuring award-winning slides and rides. This water park is an oasis in the desert and usually holds plenty of family-friendly fun events. Their Slide Into Summer Celebration on Saturday, May 26, involves music, dancing, games, giveaways and more! Guests will also experience a grand fireworks display at 8:30pm in honor of Memorial Day.

Wet’n’Wild hosts Nevada’s biggest collection of award-winning slides. They have slides for the adrenaline junkies or for those looking for a more mellow experience. The more adventurous can try out the Hoover Half Pipe which takes rafting to the next level or Canyon Cliffs which plummets you into a gut-wrenching drop. Families can enjoy the Royal Flush which is an enclosed tube slide or the Colorado Cooler where riders can sit back and relax in Wet’n’Wild’s endless winding river. Tickets are reasonably priced with an option for season passes.

Best Dam Barbecue Challenge in Boulder City


Celebrate Memorial Day Weekend with the best barbecue grub in town. Drop by Boulder City for the 14th Annual Best Dam Barbecue Challenge where families can enjoy a barbecue competition, a car show, a Police vs. Fire Department eating challenge, live entertainment and marketplace vendors. This event is held in historic Bicentennial Park on May 25th to May 26th and is free to the public. This event is presented by the Rotary Club of Boulder City.

Up to 41 barbecue teams compete in a cook-off judged by a panel of professionally-trained barbecue judges in this contest sanctioned by the Kansas City Barbecue Society (KCBS). Teams compete for $12,000 in cash prizes awarded to the winners in four categories of Ribs, Pork, Brisket and Chicken and the Overall Competition rankings. Visitors can enjoy award-winning barbecue, live entertainment and festival food vendors.

Children also get to play in this festival and cook-off. Families can participate in the Annual KidsQue Grilling Lesson and Competition for ages 6 to 17. Children are taught how to safely use the grill and are able to compete in the KidsQue Challenge for cash prizes and medals. Drop by Boulder City for a full weekend of sizzling fun!

Hoover Dam Tours

Hoover Dam

If you’re already in Boulder City for the Best Dam Barbecue Challenge, you might also take a short 15-minute drive to the Hoover Dam for a tour of this national historic landmark. You can breathe in the incredible views of the dam from the Memorial Bridge situated 900 feet above the Colorado River. From the bridge, you also get a view of the Black Canyon spanned by the Hoover Dam.

This tour allows you to explore the top of the dam, Observation Deck, the Visitor Center and also includes a ranger-guided tour of the generator room. The ranger-guided tour involves a viewing of a documentary on the construction of the Hoover Dam and a trip 500 feet deep into the structure to view the colossal turbines that power the dam.

Take this weekend to learn about the history of this national landmark and spend quality time with family in this unforgettable experience.

Memorial Day at Silverton Casino

Pool Cocktails

Silverton Casino is also serving up a weekend of unforgettable experiences to honor Memorial Day that involves BOGO buffets, slot multipliers and a three-day pool party. Our DJ Pool Party is from May 26 to May 28 at Sway Pool. Admission is free to locals and all guests must be 21 years of age or older. The pool party is from 11am to 4pm with a DJ spinning your favorite hits. Drink specials are available—$50 New Amsterdam bottle service and $3 Hop Valley beers.

On Memorial Day, guests can enjoy 10X points on reels and 2X points on table games for a day of play in our casino. But here’s the real deal… All military active or retired eat free at Seasons Buffet and Silverton Rewards Club members can enjoy a BOGO Buffet with single diners paying a 50% off discounted price.

Don’t miss the Bass Pro Shop Go Outdoors Family Event on May 26 and 27. This event involves free interactive activities for children and workshops, giveaways, and a barbecue sampling. We have an all-inclusive Memorial Day celebration at Silverton Casino.

Whether you’re looking for a party to kick off the summer or a great deal on dining for the whole family, we have you covered. This weekend, honor those who served and are actively serving the country by celebrating those freedoms they work hard to preserve.