Meals with a Mermaid at Silverton Casino’s Aquarium

“Who says that my dreams have to stay just my dreams?” – Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

You no longer have to dream big, little mermaid. Long gone are the days when you would wonder how it would be to have brunch with a mermaid. One of the best free attractions in Las Vegas is now offering Meals with a Mermaid, a unique dining experience available only at Silverton Casino. It’s the perfect activity for families or for those who just want to fulfill their childhood fairytale wishes.

Our Aquarium is a very special Las Vegas fixture. This 117,000-gallon tank is home to thousands of tropical fish including stingrays, smaller sharks, and the occasional Dory and Nemo. Tourists and locals flock to our Aquarium for free mermaid shows, the daily interactive stingray feedings, or to simply breathe in the view and relax. But our guests aren’t the only ones having fun. Our mermaids have fun on the job every day. Former mermaid (now Aquarist) Ariana Liuzzi says, “The best thing about my job is that there [are] no bad days here… The water has always made me feel the most at peace and [happiest].”


The mermaids interact with children and guests, pose for photos, put on a fun and engaging 15-minute show, all while swimming in a weighted tail. Most of our mermaids come from synchronized swimming backgrounds so it’s not hard for them to swim gracefully while only having a five oxygen hoses hidden in the coral as their air supply. Some of their signature moves are bubble kisses, flips, and twirls. Each mermaid tail is custom-fitted and we have several pretty patterns and colors. It’s always such a pleasure to see the look on children’s faces when they see the tip of the mermaid tail pop up in the water—that’s the cue that the show is about to begin.

What sets our new Meals with a Mermaid apart from our usual free mermaid show is that it’s a unique experience catered just for you. You dine on breakfast or brunch while having a mermaid dedicated to entertaining and interacting with you and your party. During the meal, you’re welcome to go up to one of the Aquarium glass panels left open so you can take photos and videos with the mermaids. There are usually two mermaids in the tank during the meal, which is a different experience from the usual free mermaid show. The menu is currently comprised of classic breakfast foods like pancakes, turkey club, and country fried steak. In October, the menu will be shifting to a breakfast buffet offering more choices.

Silverton Aquarium; Mermaid Breakfast