Labor-Less Day Weekend

Labor Day is just around the corner which means we’re coming up on a much needed three day weekend! We’ve had some amazing times this summer, from concerts, to movies and so much more so why stop the fun now? Let’s make the most of the last long weekend of summer with our very own Labor-less Day Weekend guide!

Slip Into Sway
Head to Sway Pool for a weekend long party complete with a DJ, giveaways, drink specials and the perfect setting to snuggle under the shade of a cabana or soak up the last bit of that summer sunshine before we head in to changing leaves and shorter days.

Sway Pool

Dine on a Dime
Head to Seasons Buffet on Labor Day, Monday, September 5th for buy one buffet, get one free. Who wants to go through the labor of cooking, especially on a labor-less day, when you can have endless variety at your fingertips with no end in sight?


It’s against the law to put a close on another fabulous summer without snacking on something sweet and chilly, let’s be honest it’s still triple digits outside! Sundance Grill has all the flavors you could dream of, ready to be served as you say sayonara to summer 2017. Don’t worry; Sundance will still be serving gelato even after the long sunny days are gone.


Rub Fins with the Mermaids
When you’re not soaking up the sunshine out at Sway Pool, visit our most popular residents, other than the stingrays of course, at the aquarium. Wave at a mermaid as she swims by, if you’re lucky she may blow you a bubbly kiss!


Whatever you have planned this Labor Day Weekend, we hope that it involves kicking your feet up, relaxing and hopefully doing something that is truly labor-less to you!

One Drunk Puppy and Many Shelter Animals

We’re getting all geared up for One Drunk Puppy Wine Tasting Event to benefit The Animal Foundation this Saturday. Sipping wine to help shelter animals, what could be better? Whether you’re there for the wine or to support the wet noses there is no better time to talk about some common myths about beloved shelter dogs.

Here are some common phrases that can be heard when talking about rescuing a dog from the shelter.

“You can’t find a purebred in a shelter”
No breed is immune to ending up in a shelter. Also, many shelters have waiting lists
that alert you if the specific breed you are looking for does turn up.
But before you even commit to a breed, make sure they match with your lifestyle
so you don’t end up being that person that irresponsibly adopts a dog and then
ends up bringing it back to the shelter when things simply don’t work to
compliment your living situation.

“I want a puppy. Shelters have older dogs”
Dogs of all ages can be found in shelters. Yes, there are older dogs as well, but some
prospective owners aren’t equipped to handle the ball of energy, and sometimes destruction, that comes with having a puppy. It may be nice to have dog that is already house trained and just ready to be loved. Loyalty knows no age limit, and more often than not they’re just so eternally grateful to be out of the shelter and headed to a home to be loved.

“I don’t want to pay adoption fees, I want a free dog”
There is absolutely no such thing as a free dog. Even if you manage to rescue a pup
without paying an adoption fee, you have shots, chipping, spay/neutering, food, kennel etc. While the price is subjective on the adoption fee, if you do not have the means to take care of a pet, it’s not fair to them, especially if it means they end up back at the shelter. Dogs are a
lifelong investment.

One Drunk Puppy

While there will not be animals at One Drunk Puppy, we encourage you to visit The Animal Foundation to find your forever friend, or participate in the auction to benefit them and bring home yourself, or if you already have a forever friend, them home something great!


Grab Your Glasses: Solar Eclipse Viewing

Next Monday all of North America will have their, protected, eyes to the skies to witness one of nature’s amazing sights, a solar eclipse.

Now what exactly does that mean for those of us that aren’t up to date on our celestial events? Basically, a solar eclipse is when the moon passes between the sun and Earth and blocks all or part of the sun for around three hours, dependent upon your location. The last time a solar eclipse was witnessed in North America was in 1979.

Eclipses How

For Las Vegas specifically, it begins at 9:09 a.m. will be at its peak at 10:27 a.m. and ends at 11:52 a.m. At its peak, in Las Vegas we will witness at 70 percent solar eclipse, much like the 70 percent off that will be offered at Seasons Buffet for Silverton Rewards Club members in honor of this celestial occasion.

Be sure to head to the Player’s Club at Silverton Casino beginning at 8 a.m. to claim your free pair of solar eclipse glasses, for the first 1000 guests, before heading out to capture this phenomenon from the perfect vantage point on the fifth floor of the parking garage. As mentioned, afterwards grab a celebratory 70 percent off lunch from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Seasons Buffet after the viewing for Silverton Rewards Club members.


Who’s joining us on Monday?

Top Questions Asked by Brides Planning Their Big Day

We sat down with Event Sales Manager, Angie Christenson, also known as the woman that will make your dreams come true, and asked her to address the top questions she gets asked by brides-to-be to help you be one step ahead of the game when it comes to smooth sailing while creating your perfect day.


Q Do you provide a coordinator/event manager for the day of the wedding?

A Yes, a coordinator is part of our Veil Pavilion rental package to help you with your onsite ceremony and/or reception planning. The coordinator will also help ensure all your vendors have arrived/set up on the day of the event so the Bride doesn’t have to worry about if the cake has arrived!


Q: My ceremony is booked off site, is there a shuttle available to Silverton for my guests?

A: We do not provide shuttle services, however we can recommend local companies that provide can provide shuttles, limos, party busses and transportation of that nature.

PRO TIP: Transportation does not have to be provided to and from the locations; however, it is helpful in creating a stress free day for both the wedding party and your guests if your ceremony and reception are in two different locations.

Veil Pavilion

Q: What if we want the reception to go longer than the time allotted in the venue?

A: You have the opportunity to purchase additional hours of the venue, however it is best to pre purchase the extra time as there is no guarantee on the day of the event that we will be able to accommodate any extra time for the reception. It is best to plan for the party to keep going!


Q: Can I bring in my own wedding vendors, such as DJ and Photographer?

A: Yes, we allow outside vendors for your events at Veil Pavilion for no additional charge. We also work with preferred vendors that will often offer discounts for booking with Silverton Casino, so either way, we have you covered.


Q: Can I bring in my own catering company?

A: While we do not allow any outside food and beverage at our events we do offer a full catering menu that includes appetizers, plated or buffet meals, and bar packages. We also have the ability to customize, don’t see your favorite meal or have a special request? In most cases we are happy to work with the Bride and Groom to create the perfect menu for your event!


Q: How early can I get into the venue for set up?

A: We will provide ample time for set up on the day of your event. Our event staff can even set up your DIY decor for you for a small additional fee.

PRO TIP: Account for tasks to take longer than anticipated on your wedding day. Allot yourself plenty of time for set up (better yet, enlist family and friends to help with decor or hire professionals), as well as hair and make-up, dressing, etc. No need to create extra, unnecessary stress on your big day.

Veil Pavilion