What’s Hiding in Your Pool Bag this Summer?

While the weather lately might be telling you that it has already arrived, tomorrow’s calendar is marked as the official first day of summer. That means it’s also that time of year to settle into the sunshine and lounging by the pool is considered completely acceptable as a fully packed day. So what do you throw into your poolside bag to make sure you’re good to go until the sun goes down? Guilt Gift Shop has everything you need to get take in the rays while staying cool.

We can’t go without these items tucked away in our bag.

Sunscreen: Start with the obvious and arguably the most important. Be sure to apply often, liberally and without your favorite brand of SPF.

Beach Towel: Be sure to pick up a beach towel with bright colors and a fun design to dry off from a dip in the pool or to lay out on for a quick nap in the sunshine.

Flip Flops: They’re part of the official Vegas uniform when the temperature starts hitting triple digits. A must have whether your just visiting or a seasoned veteran of summertime in the city.

Small Zipper Purse: When you’re toting all your necessities in your pool bag it’s handy to have a little zipper purse to keep all of your must haves together, such as identification, cash or other odds and ends you don’t want bouncing around and getting mixed up with everything else in your tote.

Sustenance: Hydrating is a must during the summer no matter where you are, so grab a refillable water bottle to keep handy on you. What’s lounging by the pool without snacks? Grab some to tide you over before heading out to dinner.

Sunglasses: A year round staple for everyone, whether you use them to keep your eyes safe from the sun or sneakily spy on the cutie across the pool without being caught.

What’s something you can’t head to Sway Pool without?

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