Sunset Cinema Redefines the Silent Movie

Technology has been swiftly changing and growing for quite some time now, changing the way we keep informed, consume entertainment and frankly live our lives. It’s amazing to look back at movies and how far that they have come since the early 1900s when these films were produced without sound, or simply black and white. Since then we’ve quite literally seen a spectrum of inventive ways filmmakers bring stories to life, now with green screens and CG and things so realistic you jump from your seat and sound so pristine that you question if you’re physically present.


With all the color and sound that we have demanding attention on the silver screen, one may raise an eyebrow if you saw the listings for a “silent movie” experience today. But as mentioned, technology is constantly changing, and so is the way we harness its possibilities. The traditional outdoor movie experience has been reinvented with an individualized listening experience for each moviegoer, under the stars this summer with Sunset Cinema.

The Green, our outdoor event lawn, doubles as a theater this June featuring films for all ages. Each person will receive a set of headphones with self-controlled volume that will allow them and only them to hear the featured movie, silence to those surrounding them, and direct their attention to the large screen that will be set up with a perfect view for everyone. This will change your perception of silent movies forever, oh, and it’s free!

Sunset Cinema

Join in for the festivities that compliment that night’s feature film at 6 p.m. before the movie screens at dusk.

June 9: Beauty and the Beast – featuring “before the last petal falls” timed challenges
June 16: Grease-featuring a classic dance off
June 23: SING- featuring free karaoke
June 30: Secret Life of Pets and League of Their Own- featuring doggie date nite

Feel free to bring the family, a picnic basket, or grab one on The Green , even a drink at the bar for a fusion of classic fun and budding technology with Sunset Cinema, Fridays in June, beginning June 9th.

Sin City in Springtime

One would think that Sin City’s name may have actually derived from the summertime temperatures that would make Hades himself sweat a bit. But as a local, you know there is a brief time, no more than a few weeks or so, that the weather is arguably perfect. Don’t blink or you’ll miss it. We like to call this short stunt of weather springtime. You know the rarity of this phenomena and that it is your job to make the most of this fleeting moment. We have a few suggestions.

Sway Pool is celebrating all Memorial Day Weekend long with a free DJ pool party, so grab your bikini, your best friends and your Nevada ID, because it is free to locals 21+! Who knows, you might see a mermaid by the pool, some are native to the desert as well. We would also like to note that parking is always free as well.

Sway Pool

The Wailers inside Veil Pavilion, it’s no surprise the international reggae band is headed to Las Vegas to captivate crowds with hits such as “Buffalo Soldier”, “No Woman, No Cry”, “One Love” and so many others. The perfect vibe to follow a day of floating, sipping and swimming at Sway Pool.

Don’t forget to eat to keep yourself going all weekend long. Slip in to Sundance for buy one entree, get one free this Sunday, or on if you’re feeling extra hungry after a weekend in the sunshine, Seasons Buffet will be offering buy one, get one free buffet, or 50% off for single diners in honor of Memorial Day.


Need some time out of the sun? Whether you are Picasso, or simply a wine-o, the first drink is on us at Paint Nite inside Veil Pavilion for your chance to create a tranquil beach scene. Perfect to hang in your home and drift off to once the heat of summer is upon us.

As a local, you know your city, so I guess the only choice left is where to start first?

The People You Meet at a Wine Tasting

You don’t have to look far to find a study stating that a glass of wine now and then can be good for your health. With that being said many more people who may have been reluctant to try wine have come around to simply try and enjoy its… health benefits. With the numbers growing, you’re bound to meet many different types of groups of oenophiles, especially this Wednesday and many to follow into June, such as….

The Color Blind
Reds, whites, pink- color doesn’t matter and they’re game to try any type that you may have on you from Pinot Noir to Rosé. They live for wine tastings to grow their ever expanding palettes and learning from fellow goers, especially the…

Sommelier Sampler
They are the professors of the wine world. They take their hobby, no, lifestyle very seriously and can break down the complete science of what you are sipping, not to mention what it pairs well with and mention the words body, notes and aroma more than the average wine tasting participant. There is no over swirling going on here.

Flight Pilots
The graduates of color blind crowd, without losing the curiosity of trying something new and more in the educated wheelhouse of already knowing what they enjoy. They have preferences and know why, but love being adventurous from time to time, hence why ordering a flight is their go-to so they never miss out on something but just choosing one.

Cork Congregators
This specific type is usually already part of a preexisting group of friends, co-works or family members that have dubbed the consumption of wine as their hobby as a way to enjoy each other’s company out of the everyday tasks they usual get to spend together or a way to get together when it seems difficult to do regularly. They are very similar to a “brunch crew”, but for those looking to slip away later in the evening or after work instead of morning to midmorning to be with friends.

Which group do you fall into or which ones are we missing?

All groups, individuals, wine lovers or those looking to try something new are invited to join us out on The Green every Wednesday for Wine Down Wednesday with free wine. Yes, free wine!


How to Be Favorite on Mother’s Day

Sunday is the big day for the very special women in your life, so be prepared, or better yet, be prepared to be the favorite with a few our tips to make it one of the best Mother’s Days yet.

First and foremost, don’t overlook the little things. No matter what else is going on that day, always grab a card and take the time to sign it, bonus points if you add a hand written message before that signature. These things mean more than you may realize at the time.

Mothers Day Card

Make plans to go straight to her, and honestly anyone’s heart, as we know, is through their stomach. Give mom the choice between a three course meal at Twin Creeks Steakhouse where you get to choose each course, tailoring it specifically to her taste buds. Sundance Grill offers a choice between the ever popular Surf n Turf, or Pepper Crusted Filet of Beef, served with her choice of soup or salad. If you simply can’t decide, Seasons Buffet has just what everyone needs whether it is brunch between 10am – 3pm, or all the favorites that she craves until 9pm, and don’t forget that includes bottomless red or white wine Bellini’s!

Bellini Bar

Above all listen. Listen to what she really wants, listen to her stories, listen to what her favorite kind of flowers, or favorite kind of Bellini’s are and listen when she chooses where she wants to go for dinner.

Bonus tip, come early or stay late for 8x points on all reels for everyone, not just your favorite lady!

These few tips are sure to land you as favorite for at least the next 24 hours, only children have the advantage here, or at least share an amazing meal, good times and unforgettable memories with someone dear to you.

Can’t wait to see you and mom on Sunday!

Common Questions from Travelers

There is a lot to think about when it comes to traveling and we know you have a lot of questions before you even reach your destination. Here are a few more common questions we receive for those making Silverton Casino their travel destination.

Are dogs allowed in the Casino or Hotel?
We have many guests curious if Fido is allowed to stay with them in the hotel during their visit, but in fact our hotel is currently, strictly human. But Fido is more than welcome to take a stroll through Bass Pro Shops with you, you may even want to pick him up one of the awesome, durable chew toys they have!

What is a resort fee and do you have one?
A resort fee is a daily supplemented charge that is not included in the initial booking cost. These supplementary fees allow access to the many features on a property. Our hotel does have a resort fee, which is currently at $16.99, generously below the average of $24.38, and well below the likes of $40 resort fees that you will find on The Strip. Resort fees are very common and almost all Las Vegas hotels and resorts have them.

Is there anything to do for families on property?
Yes! In fact our aquarium was named “Best Free Attraction in Las Vegas” and is home to hundreds of fish, stingrays, sharks and even mermaids. Thursday through Sunday you can catch live, interactive mermaid shows for kids of all ages, or kids at heart. Also, you can catch stingray feedings twice a day, at 1:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. with the chance to ask questions and learn more from our aquarists live from the tank!

How much does it cost to park?
Free! It is free to park in the parking garage or you can also enjoy complimentary valet. We’re not jumping on the paid parking bandwagon.

If you have any more questions, we encourage you to reach out to us through any of our social media outlets so we can help you make the most of your stay!