Rally the Boys for a Vegas Mancation

The kids have had their Spring Break, your partner is planning a big family trip this summer, but deep down you know what you really need is a mancation just for yourself, and of course your closest buddies, to Las Vegas.

Now hear us out. Before you utter a single word about how a gentleman’s rendezvous to Vegas will never fly — we have something in mind that isn’t the traditional Vegas getaway they, or yourself, were thinking of.

This Vegas trip is actually all about the outdoor enthusiast with the Bass Pro Shops Las Vegas Package. Adjacent to Silverton Casino is the only Bass Pro Shops in Nevada, a two story sportsman’s paradise with a 40,000 gallon freshwater aquarium and authentic trout stream. It also houses a live duck habitat, indoor archery and an ever growing list of live events.

Bass Pro Waterfalls

Your package includes a $100 Bass Pro Shops Gift card, three days and two nights stay at the hotel, two buffets at Seasons Buffet and free shuttle transportation.

If somehow you run out of things to get lost in at Bass Pro Shops make your way back for a type of fish that is far rarer and cannot be found amongst the trout over at Bass Pro Shops, mermaids. Enjoy a mermaid show and a brew at Mermaid Lounge to get a taste of the anything can happen possibilities that Vegas always has waiting for you.

Silverton Mermaids

If you hurry you can also catch the final act of the Backyard Bonfire Country Concert Series presented by Bass Pro Shops featuring Little Texas! Who knew so much of what makes the great outdoors great was in fact, indoors!

So alert your buddies and pick a few nights, prepare your creative excuses if necessary, and join us for some fun indoors with those enthusiastic about the great outdoors.

Behind the Veil: Backyard Bonfire Country Music Artists Continued

The Backyard Bonfire Country Concert Series present by Bass Pro Shops is halfway through with amazing artists taking the stage such as Joe Nichols and Craig Campbell. This week Ricochet takes over with Little Texas hitting the stage the following Thursday, so let’s take another look Behind the Veil to learn more about these amazing artists headed to Veil Pavilion in April.

Ricochet, whose members currently include Heath Wright, Chris Hempfling, Steve Hamby, Larry Hight and Matt Harelik takes the stage on April 20th. Ricochet is the only country artist to ever chart the National Anthem. An unfortunate fact is that the original drummer and co-founder of the group, Jeff Bryant was replaced do to a bout of carpal tunnel syndrome. Country music enthusiasts may be familiar with Jeff’s nephew, Chase Bryant, the Take It On Back singer as well. In 2014, bassist Greg Cook left the band to become the Tour Manager to the swiftly rising band known as The Swon Brothers after their successful season on The Voice. In the beginning Ricochet toured as a supporting act for Merle Haggard, Doug Stone and Charlie Daniel increasing their exposure to country music fans, skyrocketing them to the band we know today.


Little Texas was ironically founded in Nashville, Tennessee in 1988. The current members include Porter Howell, Dwayne O’Brien, Duane Propes and Del Gray. Arguably the band’s most popular song God Blessed Texas was actually a different beast called The Eyes of Texas before becoming the hit that we all can’t help but to sing along to every time we hear today. While God may have blessed Texas, Little Texas is actually located in Macon County in Alabama with the last population count reaching 1,240 residents in 2015.

Little Texas

So join us this April, grab a Miller Lite and a seat, or your spot on the dance floor, for another evening of good times and great music!

Be sure to check back to learn more about upcoming artists and all the fun coming to Veil Pavilion in the very near future.

Spring Wine Hop Celebrates an Adult Easter

Easter paints a picture of pastel colored clothes, more brightly colored candies and treats, baskets of goodness for the kids and a generous rabbit making his way around the neighborhood hiding eggs stuffed with plastic grass and even more surprises. It is of no surprise the amount of effort that goes into making the most of this holiday every year, so why not take the day before to relax and enjoy a little springtime. Instead of the giant rabbit, you should be the one hopping, as you hop from wine pairing to wine pairing for a little pre-Easter celebration with our Spring Wine Hop.

It’s a simple fact, you can’t trust someone who doesn’t enjoy a good brunch with great friends. VIPs kick off the event with brunch at Mi Casa Grill Cantina, complete with your choice of bottomless micheladas, house margaritas or bloody marias.

Mi Casa

Afterwards head to The Green to get the festivities started! Live music will be playing with plenty of activities in between tastings including large Jenga towers ready to topple and connect four boards ready to take down red and black chipped opponents, as well as everyone’s favorite corn hole boards and much more.


Everyone will enjoy the featured five wine samples, paired with traditional Easter candies and also a take away wine glass that you can custom design at our hand painting station. Not to mention VIPs will walk away with a swag bag featuring JinJu gourmet chocolates and can relax in the reserved lawn seating section. Don’t fret; additional drinks will be available for purchase on The Green as well.

While you may not be searching for eggs this Saturday, you’re sure to have a wonderful time at the Spring Wine Hop and be ready for the season and the Easter’s Bunny’s yearly appearance the next day, custom wine glass to assist you in hand.

Wine Hop

Cheers to All of Your Favorite Beers

Beer, a beverage so beloved that it has a national day set aside just for it and its hoppy goodness, not to mention, conveniently on a Friday, April 7th. The most widely consumed alcoholic beverage, rivaled in popularity only by water and tea. Beer is the favorite guest and undeniable socialite at almost everything gathering, no matter the occasion. There are numerous options when it comes to our favorite fermented beverage, so what does your go to say about you when you pony up to the bar to celebrate this week?

Miller Lite
You go for gold, beer that is, and enjoy a brew or two with the boys no matter the occasion. You honor friendships with the same respect as family, which says a lot about your loyalty to your brew of choice as well. Cheers to you!

Blue Moon
If you enjoy a wheat beer, you laugh heartily in the face of society’s ever growing gluten intolerance, real or imagined. You also tend to like things on the sweeter side; this translates into all aspects of your life. You’ve annoyed your friends on more than one occasion asking them if they can pick up oranges on their way over.

Blue Moon

You love hops. IPA is the hipster of beers. You more than likely liked it before it was cool and can suggest some wonderful brews that we’ve probably never heard of. You’ve also been known to educate fellow patrons at the bar about their drink, and all the other drinks available.

You wish you were on a beach instead of wherever you are this very second. You probably have said the phrase, “I don’t like beer, except Corona” on numerous occasions. You have a countdown to your next vacation on your desk to compliment your beach screensaver.


Goose Island
You are the one in the group they rely on when it comes to good taste. You will most likely be found at Shady Grove Lounge taking advantage of the 50 percent off growler refills Sunday through Thursday. You don’t wait until the weekend to start living.

Be sure to celebrate National Beer Day, and every day in between at your favorite bars or poolside with Miller Lite buckets for only $20. Better yet, join us and X107.5 for Brew Crew every Thursday in April, in case beer from breakfast just isn’t enough.