Celebrating Like The Big Easy in Sin City

Tomorrow marks the iconic Carnival celebration, Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday where people from all walks of life flood to “The Big Easy”, New Orleans, to celebrate with colorful beads, king’s cake and the spirits to match. If you find yourself in Sin City this year instead of “The Big Easy”, we’ve got some big ways to celebrate and are making it real easy to be a winner tomorrow!

Mardi Gras Beads

Craving some Cajun goodness? There is not a more delicious way to celebrate, and get a taste of Mardi Gras than heading to Seasons Buffet where our new Executive Chef, Ashley Asher is whipping up some traditional New Orleans flare, including craw fish boil, ètoufèe, fried green tomatoes, specialty drinks and more, all while you are engrossed in décor taking you to the lively celebration, straight from the comfort of your table. No crowded plane ride necessary.

Kings Cake

Fat Tuesday also means that players who earn 100 points tomorrow will also have the chance to swipe n’ win up to $1,000 cash as well as a free buffet, free slot play and much more!

So only one questions remains, are you ready to get down Big Easy style?

Last Minute Valentine’s Ideas for the Procrastinator in Love

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, marking a day for sweethearts, couples in relationships, people with a sweet tooth and a wonderful excuse to indulge in a delicious meal or two, all in the name of love, of course. Planning not your thing? We have the perfect last minute solutions sure to fit you and your valentine’s style tomorrow evening.

For the valentine that likes to mix things up outside of the traditional, head on down to Mi Casa Grill Cantina to indulge in fajitas of for two! You’re guaranteed to get some sugar at the end, for dessert that is, with delicious churros to share. Not sweet enough for you? Grab a decadent chocolate raspberry martini to enjoy as well.

Something for the more traditional sweethearts, enjoy a four course meal for two at Twin Creeks Steakhouse. Share an appetizer with your choice of chilled seafood trio or tartlets. For the second course choose between red curry coconut soup or pomegranate mixed greens salad. For the entrée, choose between either a 32 ounce Tomahawk for two, pan roasted Chilean sea bass or black garlic bordelaise filet mignon. Dessert is your choice of tiramisu or pomegranate crème brulee, because everyone knows the real way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach.

Do you and your valentine prefer more quirky fun in lieu of wining and dining? Head to Shady Grove Lounge for some Airstream mini bowling, put bets on who get the next round with a game or two of pool or foosball. Turns out they’re a pool shark? Don’t worry, because did we mention it is also Happy Camper Hoppy Hour? Enjoy drafts for only $2.50 and 50% off all growler refills, not to mention $5 can get you some delicious chicken wings or buffalo empanadas.

How do you plan on spending Valentine’s Day this year?

Science Says Yes to Taking That Selfie

“Selfie” is defined by Merriam-Webster as an image of oneself taken by oneself using a digital camera especially for posting on social networks. In fact, back in 2013 “selfie” found itself Oxford dictionary’s word of the year, and coincidentally a permanent place in pop culture history and on the tip of almost everyone’s tongue.


Last year, a study from University of California, Irvine, stated that taking more smiling selfies increases your chances of happiness. Using a small test group, students documented their mood at the time that they took their selfie while they were smiling; a shot of something that made them happy and a photo of something that they thought would make someone else happy, and then send to that individual. Coincidentally, our own studies show that winning also produces similar results, and greatly increases your chance of happiness as well as that of those around you.

Stars And Selfies

So bust out your selfies sticks, grab a buddy, or go solo and shine with our Stars & Selfies frame and snap away, because if the selfie doesn’t improve your mood, the possibility of walking away a winner definitely should! So please share, tag us, or use #silvertoncasino in all your smiling selfies as you earn entries and a chance to win up to $25,000 cash.