Looking Back on Back to School in Las Vegas

This week marks the first day of school for many Las Vegas students from pre-kindergarten all the way to the university level. As those entering first grade, class of 2028, look towards the future, we look back on some notable memories and fun facts involving the schools in the Las Vegas Valley.

Las Vegas High School is the oldest high school in Las Vegas originally opening in 1931 on the outskirts of the town. The Wildcats moved to a new campus in 1993. Notable graduates include Lieutenant William Harrell Nellis, for whom Nellis Air Force Base is named after, and Bruce Woodbury, American attorney and politician, as well as the namesake of the Bruce Woodbury Beltway in part to his service to the country.

University of Nevada, Las Vegas didn’t’ always have the beloved Hey Reb! as their mascot. The first official Rebel mascot was Beauregard, back when UNLV was called Nevada Southern University, a branch of University of Nevada, Reno.  Originally Beauregard was a wolf dressed in a grey Civil War-era field jacket and confederate cap representing the South. This was in response to Reno’s Wolf Pack mascot in the North, mimicking a playful civil war between the two Nevada universities. You can find a painting of Beauregard on the oak hardwood basketball floor of the old University gymnasium, which has since become the Barrick Museum.

Additionally, artist Mike Miller only charged UNLV a single dollar to design Hey Reb!, first appearing in 1983.

So whether you’re a student returning to university or a parent sending your child off for the first time we wish you a wonderful year! Join us at Sundance afterwards to share everything that you’ve learned, or anytime during the year, (late night study-sesh?) we’re open 24/7 and have coffee ready!

Setting Up for Football Season

It’s one of the most exciting times of the year. Leaves on the ground, a chill in the air, the names of men on the backs of fans of all different divisions coming together, and an excuse to abandon entire Sundays to sinfully good food and rule the field from a recliner. We’re just shy of the National Football League’s regular season and have so much to do to prepare for the wonderful season that is upon us. Here is how to do the season justice this year.

Have you studied for your Fantasy Football draft? We thought so. Gather up to ten of your favorite friends. We know they’re your favorite, because they’re all football fans, teams aside.  For only $35 a person everyone can enjoy unlimited Bud Light pitchers, wings, hot dogs, flatbreads and kettle chips. The hardest choice outside of the actually drafting is choosing Shady Grove Lounge or Mermaid Lounge. No matter your choice, it’s a sure win for everyone.

Once you’re all set and game day is upon us, it sets in that there is an overwhelming number of choices on where to watch the games. We have you covered. Be ready on Thursday, September 8th as the Panthers take on the Broncos, because no matter who wins on the field, you’ll be a winner at Shady Grove Lounge during Happy Camper Hoppy Hour, which just so happens to coincide with kick off.  So no matter which team you’re rooting for you can enjoy $2.50 on all drafts, 50 percent off of all growler refills and $3 well drinks on top of $5 food specials your taste buds will thank you for.

Now, only one final question remains. Now that you’re armed with the makings of a perfect season, despite your team’s performance on the field, are you ready for some football?

Thoughts We Have During the 2016 Rio Olympics

Every four years the Olympics come and bring along an array of emotions, inspiration and sheer excitement. An exciting time when everyone is glued to their television, and rooting on athletes from all over the world as they unite to compete for the prestigious honor and ultimate demonstration of hard work and dedication, of taking home a medal for their country.

With all that said and done, here are a few things we’ve all thought at least once during the Olympic Games so far.

I could totally do that if I wanted too.

Oh my goodness, I’m so lazy, what am I doing with my life?

Why is the water green?

USA! I bleed red, white and blueee!

I need to take advantage of all the Rio specials; it’s the patriotic thing to do!

That was amazing! Definitely set a record *announcer deems it a terrible dive*

How does someone even get into that kind of sport? Is it a family thing? Were they recruited? I need to know.

Maybe there’s still a chance for me, that gymnast is like 40 something right? I mean, if I start right now…

This is proof there are 16 year olds with better resumes than me.

I wish I could eat as much as those swimmers do. Bring on the carbs!

Why didn’t my mom ever push me to my unrealized Olympic dreams?

Is the human body honestly meant to bend that way? She might break.

Sure fire way to go for gold is by joining us in Shady Grove Lounge to share all these honest thoughts over Happy Camper Hoppy Hour. Who knows we may just have to award a medal for the best mini-bowler in the Airstream or best looking Grove Growler!  See you there, no qualifying necessary!

Dog Friendly Las Vegas

It’s no mystery that we love our four-legged companions, and the number one thing that they love is spending time with us. So show them the love they deserve and don’t leave Fido behind! There are some remarkable places to take man’s best friend all over the town, including dog-friendly businesses, parks and shops.  Where will your pooch join you?

Bass Pro Shops
The outdoor superstore opens its doors for outdoor enthusiasts of all levels, even those with wagging tails. Feel free to bring along the whole family as you plan your next outing, get a gander at your next boat, or simply get out of the scorching sun for a few hours.

Red Rock
Pack up the whole family and head over to Red Rock for some hiking or a scenic walk. There are numerous different paths with various skill levels to choose from.  An early morning hike is a great way to get outdoors before the heat gets unbearable, just be sure to bring lots of water for you and your dog.

Town Square Las Vegas
If your cardio of choice is shopping, then head to Town Square Las Vegas where pets are welcome, as long as they are on a leash in common areas and with their owner at all times.

Mount Charleston Lodge
Bring your pet along with you for a weekend getaway up at Mount Charleston. The Mount Charleston Lodge is pet friendly and wonderful alternative in lieu of boarding your best friend.

There is one night that is worth leaving your best friend at home for a few hours, Silverton Casino’s 6th Annual One Drunk Puppy Wine Tasting to benefit The Animal Foundation. Enjoy wine tasting, a silent auction, entertainment and much more to help the dogs of The Animal Foundation.

What Your Beer Choice Says About You

Beer, the most widely consumed alcoholic beverage, rivaled in popularity only by water and tea.  This brewed concoction that most commonly finds itself as the guest of honor at social functions, both big and small. There are numerous options when it comes to our favorite fermented beverage, so what does your go to say about you?

Bud Family
An American classic, you have red, white and brew in your blood. You’re easy to get along with and always looking for a good time.  Consequently you are probably headed to the Beer Olympics finals on August 6th.

Blue Moon
If you enjoy a wheat beer, you laugh heartily in the face of society’s ever growing gluten intolerance, real or imagined.  You also tend to like things on the sweeter side; this translates into all aspects of your life. You’ve annoyed your friends on more than one occasion asking them if they can pick up oranges  on their way over.

You love hops. IPA is the hipster of beers. You more than likely liked it before it was cool and can suggest some wonderful brews that we’ve probably never heard of. You’ve also been known to educate fellow patrons at the bar about their drink, and all the other drinks available.

You wish you were on a beach instead of wherever you are this very second. You probably have said the phrase, “I don’t like beer, except Corona” on numerous occasions. You have a countdown to your next vacation on your desk to compliment your beach screensaver.

Goose Island
You are the one in the group they rely on when it comes to good taste. You will most likely be found at Shady Grove Lounge taking advantage of the 50 percent off growler refills Sunday through Thursday. You don’t wait until the weekend to start living.