Silverton Date Night

Las Vegas can be the perfect setting for sweethearts looking to take on the city for the perfect date night.  While Sin City is often used to describe the town, be sure not to let that name have you overlook all the fun and romantic opportunities that are right under your nose.  Silverton Casino has an array of options for lovers looking to stay off the Strip without missing out on a fun and memorable date night.

You simply can’t touch the classic ‘dinner and a show’ when it comes to a putting together the perfect evening!  Twin Creeks is the perfect spot for dinner and drinks to get the night started right, between their wonderful happy hour and delectable menu; also it is OpenTable’s Diner’s Choice of 2016. We personally suggest taking advantage of the house wine, you won’t be sorry!  You are sure to impress your date with the flavor and inviting ambiance before heading off for part two of your night on the town.

There is always something going on at Veil Pavilion no matter what you or your date is interested in, with numerous amounts of singing acts, bands, performers, and events making themselves at home on the Veil stage, the most difficult part will lie in choosing just one to attend, which thankfully you will never have to do! Be sure to keep up to date on all of the fun going on all year round so that you never miss an opportunity!

Just a few extra tips for a seamless date night, be responsible and never drink and drive, your date will appreciate it and you can get the Lyft on us with code SILVERTON. Of course, be sure to relax and have a good time! Let us take care of everything and you focus on enjoying a night out with your date. See you soon!

Summertime in the City

You can beat the heat, whether you are seeking the sun or the shade, there are plenty of options for summertime in the city. We’re sharing some of our favorite places and different ways to mix it up during this scorching time of year.

The obvious choice would be to cozy up in a cabana at Sway Pool, getting the best of sunshine, shade and cabana-side service at your beck and call. If you get a little too much sun, you can always head into Mermaid Lounge for a drink and still be able to capture that tropical vibe, but with air conditioning instead of rays tickling your skin.

Wading in the water not for you? Another option is to head to Mt. Charleston for an early morning hike or for a fun weekend of camping. Something the whole family can enjoy without heading too far from home for a miniature getaway, just a short drive away.

Head to Town Square this summer and enjoy some time cooling down on the splash pads that they have conveniently located in the shopping center.  These areas are a great way to cool down, no matter what age you are. There is a complimentary shuttle that leaves from Silverton so that you don’t even have to burn your hands on the steering wheel getting there!

Head to the lake for the day! Rent jet skis or a boat and take to the waters. There is something pleasantly relaxing about floating along surrounded by water and sunshine.  For the more adventurous, grab a wakeboard or towable tube to kick it up a notch and take the waves by storm!

Feeling REALLY adventurous? Enjoy a jetpack adventure! Fly above the water and into a memorable summertime experience complete with lodging, transportation and dinner as well.

Paying for Parking in Las Vegas

Many are up in arms about MGM Resorts’ recent decision to start charging for parking at their many properties along the iconic Las Vegas Strip.  Paying for parking was a concept previously unheard of in the Valley until recently announced that these 12 properties would be cashing in on you putting it in park in the 40,000 spaces that MGM holds.

Last week MGM Resorts’ began the gradual activation of their new pay stations. Locals and regular visitors alike have far from greeted these new additions with open arms. More and more properties will be activated throughout the month. While locals receive a break until the end of the year before joining in on the toll, military members who are stationed in Las Vegas are afraid they will also feel the heat of paid parking along with the tourists.

Here’s what you need to know when it comes to parking, or foregoing parking in Las Vegas.

The revenue that will be generated from these new parking fees are reported to be put toward a new $54 million parking structure near the new T-Mobile Arena which will add additional parking for arena events. The remainder will go to existing parking facility upgrades to the previously mentioned 12 properties affected.

How do I avoid paying the parking fees? Tackling the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind when they hear “fee”, is how to avoid it all together. You can avoid fees by taking rideshare services such as Lyft, while you will pay for your ride, we can get you started with code SILVERTON.  Another option is to utilize shuttle services. For example, Silverton Casino has a complimentary shuttle service to and from the Strip available for guests.  Las Vegas locals with a valid Nevada ID can skip the parking fees for now, but will be required to pay after December 29th.  Also, keep in mind that parking will always be free at Silverton Casino!

While this may be a prelude to the changing of times in Las Vegas, there will always be places that hold onto the hospitable nature of Old Vegas.

Five Musts to Prepare for Wedding Season

It’s that time of year, wedding season is upon us. Just like spring, summer, winter or fall, one needs to prepare both their wardrobe as well as mentally for what will likely be in store during its reign.

Before you even get to the wedding, make sure that you RSVP in a timely fashion. No one wants the bride coming after them when she’s ironing out the details. Also, if it doesn’t list a plus one or directly address your significant other, don’t assume that they can just tag along.

Plan your outfit ahead. When doing so, keep the wedding theme or location in mind. You don’t want to show up to a country themed outdoor wedding in 6 inch stilettos or a strapless number to a very traditional ceremony in their family church. As everyone knows, never show up in white, even if the bride doesn’t know it, other guests will surely be judging you.

Whether you are overwhelmed with joy or sipping away sad thoughts of single life, don’t be that person that is blatantly overserved at the wedding. Always tips your bartenders and keep in mind that photos live forever, especially at events where they are paid to do just that.

Be aware, and respect the couple’s wishes. Whether they are opting to be tech free and let the photographer take all the photos, or implementing a catchy hashtag to capture all the photos on social media, be sure to act accordingly. This also means keeping in mind the theme of their wedding, out of respect, and possibly save yourself a bit of humiliation.

Have fun! Ultimately you’re there to celebrate a milestone of someone, or a couple, that you care for. Enjoy the photo booth, cake, dancing, leave advice, join the festivities and celebrate two people in love!