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Sunset Cinema Redefines the Silent Movie

Technology has been swiftly changing and growing for quite some time now, changing the way we keep informed, consume entertainment and frankly live our lives. It’s amazing to look back at movies and how far that they have come since the early 1900s when these films were produced without sound, or simply black and white. Since then we’ve quite literally seen a spectrum of inventive ways filmmakers bring stories to life, now with green screens and CG and things so realistic you jump from your seat and sound so pristine that you question if you’re physically present.

With all the color and sound that we have demanding attention on the silver screen, one may raise an eyebrow if you saw the listings for a “silent movie” experience today. But as mentioned, technology is constantly changing, and so is the way we harness its possibilities. The traditional outdoor movie experience has been reinvented with an individualized listening experience for each moviegoer, under the stars this summer with Sunset Cinema.

The Green, our outdoor event lawn, doubles as a theater this June featuring films for all ages. Each person will receive a set of headphones with self-controlled volume that will allow them and only them to hear the featured movie, silence to those surrounding them, and direct their attention to the large screen that will be set up with a perfect view for everyone.  This will change your perception of silent movies forever, oh, and it’s free!

Join in for the festivities that compliment that night’s feature film at 6 p.m. before the movie screens at dusk.

June 9: Beauty and the Beast – featuring “before the last petal falls” timed challenges
June 16: Grease-featuring a classic dance off
June 23: SING- featuring free karaoke
June 30: Secret Life of Pets and League of Their Own- featuring doggie date nite

Feel free to bring the family, a picnic basket, or grab one on The Green , even a drink at the bar for a fusion of classic fun and budding technology with Sunset Cinema, Fridays in June, beginning June 9th.