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Setting Up for Football Season

Football at Silverton Casino

It’s one of the most exciting times of the year. Leaves on the ground, a chill in the air, the names of men on the backs of fans of all different divisions coming together, and an excuse to abandon entire Sundays to sinfully good food and rule the field from a recliner. We’re just shy […]

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Thoughts We Have During the 2016 Rio Olympics

Watching the Olympics

Every four years the Olympics come and bring along an array of emotions, inspiration and sheer excitement. An exciting time when everyone is glued to their television, and rooting on athletes from all over the world as they unite to compete for the prestigious honor and ultimate demonstration of hard work and dedication, of taking […]

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Dog Friendly Las Vegas


It’s no mystery that we love our four legged companions, and the number one thing that they love is spending time with us. So show them the love they deserve and don’t leave Fido behind! There are some remarkable places to take man’s best friend all over the town, including dog friendly businesses, parks and […]

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What Your Beer of Choice Says About You


Beer, the most widely consumed alcoholic beverage, rivaled in popularity only by water and tea.  This brewed concoction that most commonly finds itself as the guest of honor at social functions, both big and small. There are numerous options when it comes to our favorite fermented beverage, so what does your go to say about […]

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Myths and Misconceptions of Las Vegas

myth v truth

There are a lot of misconceptions that come along with a town the bears the nickname Sin City. So we’re here to put to some of the myths to rest. Myth: You have to be 21+ to enjoy yourself in Las Vegas. Truth: While you must be 21+ to drink and gamble, having a good […]

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